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Opposition militants raid Timor-Leste TV and radio

first_img November 7, 2013 Find out more Receive email alerts News to go further RSF_en June 30, 2006 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Opposition militants raid Timor-Leste TV and radio News News Help by sharing this information Timor-LesteAsia – Pacific Reporters Without Borders urged the authorities and foreign forces in East Timor to secure the offices of the main media after nearly 40 opposition militants raided Timor-Leste TV and radio station, TVTL, on 29 June 2006.They ransacked the premises, manhandled employees and demanded that broadcasts should be suspended.The management has now drastically reduced output of local news, for fear of further reprisals. It is currently only broadcasting Portuguese programmes but plans to return to normal on 3 July.“This attack shows that the peace-keeping forces are not doing enough to protect journalists and it is essential for the stability of the country that there should be free circulation of news,” said the press freedom organisation.The anti-government attack was believed linked to a broadcast on TVTL the previous day of a speech by the outgoing prime minister, Mari Alkatiri, leader of the Fretilin party.Opposition groups have been threatening TVTL for several weeks, but the channel only obtained protection from the Australian armed forces on 30 June, although its management said it had asked for such protection five weeks ago. Draconian bill would criminalize defamation in Timor-Leste Organisation ———————–15.06.2006Increasing threats and violence against journalists Reporters Without Borders today condemned a physical attack on 12 June on two employees of the Timor Post outside its premises in the capital, Dili. The newspaper, the country’s leading independent daily, had previously received threats from supporters of the Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. A Timorese reporter working for the Associated Press was also briefly detained by Australian peacekeepers.“Many journalists have been the victims of physical attacks, threats and arrests since the start of the mutiny by soldiers opposed to the government,” the press freedom organisation said. “Prime minister’s supporters are suspected of targeting independent news media. We deplore this violence, which is obstructing the work of the press, and we call on the UN mission charged with investigating the recent violence to include attacks on the press in its enquiries.”In the 12 June incident, a group of youths threw stones at two Timor Post employees working in its marketing and distribution sections. Editor Carlos de Jesus said the violence could be linked to recent reports it had published that were critical of the prime minister.Most of the Timor Post’s employees went into hiding on 23 May for fear of reprisals, while publication of both the Timor Post and the Suara Timor Lorosae, another daily, was suspended for several days. An army officer close to the prime minister went to the Timor Post’s offices on 24 May to threaten its journalists.Reporters Without Borders also called on the officers in charge of the Australian peace-keeping force to remind their troops not to restrict the freedom of movement of both Timorese and foreign journalists. Jose Belo, an AP stringer in East Timor, was manhandled and detained for four hours by Australian soldiers in Dili on 10 June. The AP said they treated him in a “violent and disrespectful” manner. José Belo told Reporters Without Borders that the Australian soldiers never told him why he had been arrested. Reporters Without Borders had the following to say about East Timor in its annual report on developments during 2005: “The government of Mari Alkatiri, visibly angered by media independence, tried to bring the privately-owned daily Suara Timor Lorosae in line in February by calling for a boycott of the newspaper and evicting it from its offices.”The report added: “In December, the prime minister initiated a reform of the criminal code, penalising press offences. Journalists will face up to three years in prison for defamation of anyone in a public authority role, a backward step that was condemned by many journalists. This tougher line came after various voices were raised to condemn poor governance of the country.” June 23, 2020 Find out more August 13, 2012 Find out more RWB welcomes creation of press council and code of ethics Follow the news on Timor-Leste Timor-LesteAsia – Pacific News Radio reporter stabbed while working on corruption storylast_img read more

The ranking

first_imgNews October 20, 2009 – Updated on January 25, 2016 The ranking Help by sharing this information |Rank|Country|Mark|||1|Denmark|0,00|||-|Finland|0,00|||-|Irland|0,00|||-|Norway|0,00|||-|Sweden|0,00|||6|Estonia|0,50|||7|Netherlands|1,00|||-|Switzerland|1,00|||9|Iceland|2,00|||10|Lituania|2,25|||11|Belgium|2,50|||-|Malta|2,50|||13|Austria|3,00|||-|Latvia|3,00|||-|New Zealand|3,00|||16|Australia|3,13|||17|Japan|3,25|||18|Germany|3,50|||19|Canada|3,70|||20| Luxembourg|4,00|||-|United Kingdom|4,00|||-|United States of America|4,00|||23|Jamaica|4,75|||24|Czech Republic|5,00|||25|Cyprus|5,50|||-|Hungary|5,50|||27|Ghana|6,00|||28| Trinidad and Tobago |7,00|||29|Uruguay|7,63|||30|Costa Rica|8,00|||-|Mali|8,00|||-|Portugal|8,00|||33|South Africa|8,50|||34|Macedonia|8,75|||35|Greece|9,00|||-|Namibia|9,00|||37|Poland|9,50|||-|Slovenia|9,50|||39|Bosnia and Herzegovina|10,50|||-|Chile|10,50| ||-|Guyana|10,50|||42|Surinam|10,60| ||43|France|10,67|||44|Cape Verde|11,00|||-|Slovakia|11,00| ||-|Spain|11,00|||47|Argentina|11,33|||48|Hong-Kong|11,75|||49|Italy|12,14| ||50|Romania|12,50| ||51|Cyprus (North)|14,00|||-|Maldives|14,00|||-|Mauritius|14,00| ||54|Paraguay|14,33|||55|Panama|14,50| ||56|Papua New Guinea|14,70|||57|Burkina Faso|15,00|||-|Haiti|15,00|||59|Taiwan|15,08|||60|Kuwait|15,25|||61|Lebanon|15,42|||62|Botswana|15,50|||-|Liberia|15,50|||-|Malawi|15,50|||-|Serbia|15,50|||-|Tanzania|15,50|||-|Togo|15,50| ||68|Bulgaria|15,61|||69|South Korea|15,67|||70|Bhutan|15,75| ||71|Brazil|15,88|||72|Benin|16,00|||-|Seychelles|16,00|||-|Timor-Leste|16,00| ||75|Kosovo|16,58|||76|Nicaragua|16,75|||77|Montenegro|17,00|||78|Croatia|17,17|||79|El Salvador|17,25|||80|Central African Republic|17,75|||81|Georgia|18,83|||82|Comoros|19,00|||-|Mozambique|19,00|||84|Ecuador|20,00|||85|Peru|20,88|||86|Uganda|21,50|||-|United Arab Emirates|21,50|||88|Albania|21,75|||89|Senegal|22,00|||-|Ukraine|22,00|||91|Mongolia|23,33|||92|Guinea-Bissau|23,50|||93|Israel (Israeli territory)|23,75|||94|Qatar|24,00|||95|Bolivia|24,17| ||96|Kenya|25,00|||97|Zambia|26,75|||98|Dominican Republic|26,83|||99|Lesotho|27,50|||100|Guinea|28,50|||-|Indonesia|28,50| ||-|Mauritania|28,50|||103|Burundi|29,00|||-|Côte d’Ivoire|29,00| ||105|India|29,33| ||106|Guatemala|29,50|||-|Oman|29,50|||108|United States of America (extra-territorial)|30,00|||109|Cameroon|30,50| ||110|Djibouti|31,00|||111|Armenia|31,13| ||112|Jordan|31,88|||113|Tajikistan|32,00|||114|Moldova|33,75|||115|Sierra Leone|34,00|||116|Congo|34,25|||117|Cambodia|35,17|||118|Nepal|35,63| ||119|Angola|36,50|||-|Bahrein|36,50|||121|Bangladesh|37,33| ||122|Philippines|38,25|||-|Turkey|38,25| ||124|Venezuela|39,50|||125|Kyrgyzstan|40,00|||126|Colombia|40,13|||127|Morocco|41,00|||128|Honduras|42,00|||129|Gabon|43,50|||130|Thailand|44,00| ||131|Malaysia|44,25|||132|Chad|44,50|||133|Singapore|45,00| ||134|Madagascar|45,83| ||135|Nigeria|46,00|||136|Zimbabwe|46,50|||137|Gambia|48,25| ||-|Mexico|48,25| ||139|Niger|48,50|||140|Ethiopia|49,00|||141|Algeria|49,56|||142|Kazakhstan|49,67| ||143|Egypt|51,38|||144|Swaziland|52,50|||145|Iraq|53,30|||146|Azerbaijan|53,50| ||-|Democratic Republic of Congo|53,50| ||148|Sudan|54,00| ||149|Afghanistan|54,25|||150|Israel (extra-territorial)|55,50| ||151|Belarus|59,50|||152|Fiji|60,00|||153|Russia|60,88| ||154|Tunisia|61,50|||155|Brunei|63,50|||156|Libya|64,50|||157|Rwanda|64,67|||158|Equatorial Guinea|65,50| ||159|Pakistan|65,67| ||160|Uzbekistan|67,67|||161|Palestinian Territories|69,83|||162|Sri Lanka|75,00|||163|Saudi Arabia|76,50|||164|Somalia|77,50|||165|Syria|78,00|||166|Vietnam|81,67|||167|Yemen|83,38|||168|China|84,50|||169|Laos|92,00|||170|Cuba|94,00|||171|Burma|102,67|||172|Iran|104,14|||173|Turkmenistan|107,00|||174|North Korea|112,50|||175|Eritrea|115,50|| center_img RSF_en Organisation last_img read more

Advancing ingenuity

first_imgBetween academic discovery and product development lurks a lull in research funding that inventors call the “chasm of death,” where a prototype or a proof of concept can feel just out of reach.To address that development gap, five projects initiated by faculty at Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences have been selected to receive funding of between $70,000 and $100,000 each, through Harvard’s Physical Sciences & Engineering Accelerator (PSE Accelerator).The funding is designed to support a burst of activity on a specific project to bring it to a development milestone at which an industrial partner or investor might become engaged, for example, by sponsoring further research, licensing the technology, or launching a company.“The ability to attract an industrial or venture partner is often ‘make or break’ for an emerging academic technology, if you want to see it become a useful product in the outside world,” said Mick Sawka, a director of business development in Harvard’s Office of Technology Development (OTD). “We’ve found that a relatively small amount of very targeted support can help faculty demonstrate that a new invention is ready to break out of the lab.”Professor David Weitz has developed a microfluidics platform to analyze and sort nanoliter-sized droplets of liquid or gel. Credit: Lloyd Ung and John Heyman/Weitz LabEstablished by OTD in 2013, the PSE Accelerator awards funding annually, through a competitive selection process, to Harvard research projects that have demonstrated some initial results and have clear potential to develop into technologies and products with impact. Over the course of the year, investigators work toward predefined milestones, with access to industry advisers, dedicated guidance from OTD on intellectual property protection, and a comprehensive commercialization strategy that encourages entrepreneurship.The projects receiving support from the accelerator this year:— Stephen Chong, professor of computer science, has created a shell scripting language, called Shill, that offers strong and flexible security for complex tasks such as system administration, through a combination of programming language design and “sandboxing” technology. Developed with postdoctoral researcher Christos Dimoulas and graduate student Scott Moore, Shill could improve the security of enterprise and cloud-based system administration.— Graduate student Frederick Chang, in the engineering and physical biology track of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and his mentor Nancy Kleckner, Herchel Smith Professor of Molecular Biology, have invented a highly sensitive pattern-detection algorithm that, in combination with a suitably designed microscope, will enable three-dimensional time-lapse imaging of living systems at the molecular scale. By giving researchers a better view inside cells, the system could, for example, enhance the process of evaluating drugs for clinical trials.— Charles Lieber, Mark Hyman Jr. Professor of Chemistry and chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, has invented polymer-like mesh electronics and a method of delivering the electronics by syringe injection into living organisms. These biocompatible electronic implants can be used to record activity from and deliver electrical stimulation to the nervous system, and could potentially be used to treat neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.— David A. Weitz, Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, has developed a microfluidics platform to analyze and sort nanoliter-sized droplets of liquid or gel. These droplets are ideal for functional analysis of individual cells. The platform will enable rapid isolation of immune cells that recognize infected or cancerous cells.— George M. Whitesides, Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor, has invented a paper-based respiration sensor that can characterize sleep apnea. Combined with wireless electronics, the sensor could transmit results to a health care professional, enabling diagnosis of sleep apnea at home and at low cost, with less need for conventional sleep studies in the initial characterization.“The research projects stand out for their imagination and creativity,” said Senior Associate Provost Isaac T. Kohlberg, Harvard’s chief technology development officer. “Each one is challenging the state of the art in science, technology, or health care. The accelerator model we’ve pioneered through the Physical Sciences & Engineering Accelerator and the Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator takes a strategic approach to advancing technologies like these while they’re still in the lab, incubating them a little longer to ensure they thrive.”The PSE Accelerator has catalyzed the launch of several startup companies in recent years, including Voxel8, RightHand Robotics, Calculario, and Validere, as well as licenses to companies such as Green Energy Storage, which is developing a flow battery technology.OTD will begin accepting preproposals for the next round of funding in mid-summer. The recipients are selected by an advisory committee.last_img read more

Class of “73

first_imgThe Class of 1973 of Batesville High School just celebrated their 40th class reunion.  This group contained my first highly successful cross country team.  The 5 top runners included Brent Billman, John Moorman, Alan Butt, Tom Ertel, and Jerry Prickel.  This group followed Dennis Dierckman who really put Batesville on the cross country map.  I remember winning the County Meet against a Dave Porter coached Jac-Cen-Del team.  (Yes, Dave Porter coached cross country!)  Porter was not a happy camper because, I believe, he was undefeated a the time we beat him at the County.  It also marked the first season a Bulldog team won a sectional title.  The 5 young men that I mentioned have a special place in my memory, because they truly were a cross country “team”.  The talent did not stop with this 5, because standing in the wings were Mark Yorn, Ray Smith, and a young man named Mike Bogenschutz.   Mike started a stretch in which he, his brother Tom, and sister Judy took what this group started and continued for 9 straight EIAC crowns which is something that has never been done by any other school.  I would like to dedicate this story to John Moorman, Ray Smith, and Mike Bogenschutz.  All these men passed away at way too young an age.last_img read more

Red Bull Jump&Freeze is coming back to Bjelašnica

first_imgNine years after the last Red Bull event in 2004, the spectacular Red Bull Jump&Freeze is coming back to Bjelašnica. It will be held on the 23rd February 2013. The Red Bull Jump&Freeze is a sports and entertainment trend, where the contesters build a ride and then after a short choreography jump into the freezing water. All who want to compete at 2013 Red Bull Jump& Freeze will have to design their costumes and their crazy snow rides, and of course prepare for an icy bath at the end of the trail.All who want to apply for this competition should first consider the rules of the competition and after that send their application by the 28th January 2013 on this e- mail: [email protected] contestants can compete either individually or in teams of four. The jury of the competition will evaluate the performance at the start, the jump and the creativity or the design or the costumes and the snow rides. The winners of the competition will get an award to travel to some of the hottest places.last_img read more

No. 20 Pittsburgh beats St. John’s 63-47

first_imgTOUGH DEFENSE–St. John’s D’Angelo Harrison, left, fights for a loose ball with Pittsburgh’s Durand Johnson in the first half at Madison Square Garden in New York, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)by Jim O’ConnellAP Basketball WriterNEW YORK (AP) — The word was Pittsburgh, a program known for tough practices over the years, had a week of tough practices following consecutive losses to ranked teams.The 20th-ranked Panthers became the latest Pitt team to benefit from those tough practices, beating St. John’s 63-47 on Sunday at Madison Square Garden.“We focus on losses a little more than wins, those are the ones people seem to remember,” Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said. “We responded and we came out and we beat a really good team by 16 on their court. I think that says a lot of good things about our guys.”Tray Woodall, one of two seniors on the roster, and redshirt junior Lamar Patterson have been through these rough practices before. When they were asked about the latest stretch of tough ways to kill days before the next game, both gave that small, knowing smile before talking.“We had a lot of hard practices,” Patterson said. “Coach got after us and we should expect us with the way we played the last two games. Rebounding was the main focus but those practices got us ready for today.”The losses to Marquette and Notre Dame, the latter of which has already been entered as a training tape for what not to do on offense, were no longer the topic of conversation. The latest win was.Woodall scored a season-high 25 points, including two huge 3-pointers in the second half, and Patterson had 11 points for the Panthers (21-7, 9-6 Big East), who have won five of their past seven road games.Woodall was 8 of 14 from the field, including 4 of 7 from 3-point range, and didn’t have a turnover despite handling the ball most of the time.“He was terrific in every way,” Dixon said. “I think every shot he took was a great shot. He handled the ball well and he played good defense.”The game was basically decided by the teams’ leading scorers: Woodall, who came in averaging 10.9 points per game, and D’Angelo Harrison of the Red Storm, the Big East’s No. 3 scorer with an 18.3 average, who finished with six points on 1-of-12 shooting.Harrison didn’t sound concerned about the shooting.“It was really nothing to worry about,” Harrison said. “You’re always the next shot from being hot. It was one of those nights.“If we had converted some of the shots we usually make it would have been a different ballgame. You credit Pittsburgh and their team. They capitalized on our misses and we turned the ball over. Just missing shots and careless turnovers. We take care of that and we’ll be fine.”JaKarr Sampson had 14 points and Phil Greene added 11 for the Red Storm (16-11, 8-7), who have lost three of four overall and eight of the past nine games against Pittsburgh.The Red Storm had three turnovers in the first half. They matched that figure in the opening 4:10 of the second half and finished with nine — in the second half. The Panthers finished with a 17-4 advantage in points off turnovers.“I thought we took care of the ball well in the first half and that allowed us to be competitive,” St. John’s coach Steve Lavin said. “We held our own on the boards in both halves, but the combination of the nine turnovers and the 17 points off those turnovers led to a 16-point game.”The teams came in tied for seventh in the 15-team league. The top eight finishers get a bye to the second round, a day of rest in a tournament that can stretch to five days for a team that doesn’t get that opening bye.Sir’Dominic Pointer made two free throws 2 1-2 minutes into the second half to give the Red Storm a 33-32 lead, just their second of the game.Woodall, a native of Brooklyn who has spent his senior season climbing Pitt’s career statistics lists, hit a 3-pointer with 17:08 to play to give the Panthers the lead for good. He scored the first eight points of a 10-2 run that gave Pitt a 42-35 lead with 15:13 left.The Red Storm, despite Harrison’s shooting woes, were still in it when Chris Obekpa made two free throws to make it 42-39 with 12:08 to play.The Panthers went on a 13-2 run from there and the basket that silenced the crowd at Madison Square Garden was a long 3 by Woodall that made it 53-41 with 6:29 to go.St. John’s point guard Jamal Branch returned after missing four games with a sprained MCL in his left knee. He entered the game with 8 minutes left in the first half, playing for 2 minutes. He came into the game again with 9 minutes to play and saw just a minute. Branch, who missed two shots and had one turnover, came in averaging 8.3 points and 2.5 assists.last_img read more

Plans Withdrawn for Lifestyle and Bowling Centers At Fort

first_imgBy Laura D.C. Kolnoski |FORT MONMOUTH – Retail volatility played a role in a developer withdrawing from a “centerpiece” project of Fort Monmouth’s redevelopment. But the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) is striving to keep the plan in play.At a January 2017 press conference in Oceanport, Parcel B Redevelopment, LLC, owned by Paramount Realty Services, Inc. of Lakewood, unveiled renderings of Freedom Pointe Town Center, an 89-acre, $130 million “mixed-use lifestyle destination” projected for 2019 completion. Residential, office, entertainment, food and 350,000 square feet of retail were envisioned inside the brick Johnson Gates, the former main entrance to the fort, on Route 35 in Eatontown, with fountains and a playground. Renderings depicted storefronts bearing the names LL Bean, Patagonia, Tommy Bahama, Shake Shack, and an iPic dine-in movie theater.“We were unable to come to terms with Paramount so they pulled out,” said Dave Nuse, FMERA’s director of real estate development, at the agency’s Feb. 21 monthly meeting. “FMERA is now in negotiations with the second-ranked bidder.” Renderings and a virtual reality video of the Freedom Pointe were still on the website of MMA Architects a week later.“Paramount had its own problems and withdrew willingly,” said interim FMERA Chairman Robert Lucky. “We are committed to making this a livable town center for Eatontown.” Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly thanked the board for “giving it a good shot. It got watered down over time, partly because of the way retail is in this economy. We just want to see the best project for Eatontown.” Eatontown’s Monmouth Mall nearby is also proposed for a redevelopment expansion project with 700 residential units, currently stalled in litigation.The town center use was designated in FMERA’s master redevelopment plan for the 1,128-acre former Army base spanning portions of Eatontown, Oceanport and Tinton Falls. The project promises thousands of construction and permanent jobs. To attract and retain occupancy and foot traffic, amenities like ice skating rinks, holiday and special events, and high-tech shopping options were promised by Paramount Vice President Lee Zekaria, who visited “next generation” malls nationwide, incorporating the most successful features in his firm’s plan. During last year’s press conference, he deemed Freedom Pointe the “crown jewel” of the fort’s redevelopment. Zekaria did not respond to a request for comment by press time.“The town center is a gateway,” said FMERA Executive Director Bruce Steadman. “All the bids we received were based on that. We have the same plan in mind.” Procedures prohibit officials from revealing the identity of bidders during the evaluation/negotiation process.Bowling Center Back on the BlockThe Fort Monmouth Bowling Center along the Avenue of Memories in Eatontown has returned to the real estate market after its redeveloper, a family firm that owns two bowling alleys in North Jersey, notified FMERA it “was not prepared to close on the property within the timeframes specified,” officials said. The company, known as FMBEC (the sole original bidder for the center), withdrew its proposal for the 17,600-square-foot brick structure on 2.3 acres Feb. 14.“Our preference is that it remains a bowling center, but if someone offers a higher and better use that’s justifiable, we must look at it,” Steadman said. The board approved proceeding with an offer to purchase rather than sealed bids because “potential purchasers have expressed interest in acquiring and renovating the property for recreation, entertainment, and related uses,” wrote FMERA staff, adding they are seeking “greater flexibility for selecting the right scenario that would maximize the development potential and economic value of the Bowling Center.” Staff also recommended giving bidders the option of ground leasing the land, making the lessee potentially eligible to obtain a special state concessionaire permit to sell alcohol on the premises.This article first appeared in the Mar. 1-8, 2018 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more

SA firms score for innovation

first_img16 April 2007More than half of South Africa’s companies engaged in innovative activities in the form of the development of new products and processes between 2002 and 2004, according to the first official South African Innovation Survey.The survey, conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council on behalf of the Department of Science and Technology, found that South Africa compares favourably with countries like Sweden (where 50% of enterprises are innovative), the United Kingdom (43%) and Portugal (41%).Modelled on the innovation survey used in all European Union countries in 2005/06, the survey provides internationally comparable data on innovation in SA’s mining, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and services sectors, while giving an overall indication of innovative behaviour among companies.Announcing the results of the survey at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange last week, Deputy Science and Technology Minister Derek Hanekom said South African businessess “are not being complacent and are responding to changes in their environment by producing new or significantly changed goods, services and processes.“Our rate of innovation is well above that of the European average of 42% for 2004.”According to the survey, SA companies spent in the region of R27.8-billion on innovative activities in 2004, representing about 2.4% of the total turnover of all business covered in the industrial and service sectors.While the bulk of this expenditure was devoted to the acquisition of new machinery, equipment and software, in-house research and development (R&D) expenditure accounted for about 20% of total innovation expenditure.“Bearing in mind that the innovation survey is a random sample of business enterprises and is not focused on R&D or technology-orientated firms, this result serves to confirm the importance of R&D for the competitiveness of business in the country,” Hanekom said.“It is particularly gratifying to note that apart from the expected large R&D performers in South Africa, there appear to be many diverse businesses undertaking small amounts of R&D,” the deputy minister added.The survey indicated that about 10% of successful innovators – businesses whose innovations were responsible for part of their turnover – had received public funding for activities.South African government R&D support schemes include the Technology for Human Resources in Industry Programme, the Innovation Fund, the agency grants of the National Research Foundation, and the Support Programme for Industrial Innovation.Hanekom said it was important for the government to extend its support and encourage such enterprises to persevere and grow their R&D expenditures.Innovation, he said, was “widely recognised as one of the most important mechanisms through which technology can be leveraged to create wealth, leap-frog developmental backlogs and contribute towards a better quality of life for all.”SouthAfrica.info reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Cape Town refurbishes thousands of community flats

first_img24 March 2015The refurbishment of about 7 000 community residential units owned by the Cape Town was on verge of being completed, the city said on the eve of Human Rights Day.It said the massive programme had been symbolic of the administration’s efforts to bring about redress by investing in the maintenance of infrastructure in previously under-invested areas and improving the lives of our more vulnerable residents.Cape Town was proud to have reached this milestone, especially as an ode to Human Rights Day on 21 March.Its investment in the upgrade of its rental stock, housing some of its most vulnerable residents, had also led to the creation of more than 14 900 job opportunities thus far, while approximately R1.25-billion had been spent on this project since it was launched in 2008.Approximately 93% of the units identified for upgrade have been completed.“This project is intricately linked to improving service delivery to our more vulnerable residents,” said the mayoral committee member for human settlements, Benedicta van Minnen. “When service delivery is improved, living conditions are improved. Ensuring dignity is a core value enshrined within our Constitution, and even though this was a difficult process, the city of Cape Town is committed to delivering to all.“This achievement is our tangible tribute to Human Rights Day and we will continue to do everything in our power to protect this right.”Most of Cape Town’s rental blocks of flats are more than 30 years old, and the city says quality is a priority when it comes to the rental unit upgrades. Each rental unit has to pass several stringent quality checks before various levels of contractual completion are certified. Even after the families take occupation, the community liaison officer visits each home to list any complaints residents may have.Work has been completed in Scottsville, Scottsdene, Uitsig, Woodlands, Connaught, Kewtown and The Range. Refurbishment is still under way in Manenberg, Hanover Park, Heideveld and Ottery.“We urge communities to continue to work with us so that we can complete the remainder of the units. We remain concerned about the level of gang violence in certain areas which is jeopardising the safety of our residents and our efforts to increase service delivery,” said Van Minnen.“We are proud of our progress, especially considering that there have been 85 incidents of violence on our sites since 2013, which have affected our progress. We are, however, doing everything in our power to address these issues. The South African Police Service and the city’s metro police and law enforcement department are assisting so that the human settlements directorate can complete these vital upgrades. Private security firms have also been deployed to the troublesome sites.“Furthermore, the Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme’s efforts to enhance safety through gang interventions in the most volatile areas have been stepped up,” she added.In 2014, the refurbishment project was named the South African Housing Foundation’s Community Development Project of the Year.“Where units have been completed and tenants have moved in, the tenants are receiving training on general home maintenance and the importance of paying their rent as the rental income is used by the city to conduct general maintenance on its rental stock.“Creating the culture of payment is therefore very important and it is vital that a sense of shared responsibility exists,” Van Minnen added.Source: City of Cape Townlast_img read more

Lighting Technique: Create Dreamlike Reflections with Water

first_imgSmall fanLow wattage light 150w/300wYou should take note that the size of your plastic bowl will affect the coverage area. If you need to cover a larger area, you will need a larger bucket.Take a sheet of aluminum, scrunch it up, and then unfold it back into a straight sheet. The foil should now have a lot of creases. Place this into the bottom of the bowl and fill with water. If you don’t have aluminum, a broken CD or a broken mirror will help achieve the same effect. However, you will need to be careful while handling the sharp objects.Take your light and direct it into the bowl. The water needs to be moving for the reflections to be noticeable on the background or subject. To achieve this, ever so slightly run your hands through the water, or aim a fan at the water’s surface. This will cause a tranquil movement of the light.The bigger the water container, the more prominent you can make the effect. If it’s a large reflection, you may want to establish the source — i.e. showing a bathtub or a fish bowl in the room. It’s important to let your audience see where the glimmer is coming from — even if that isn’t the cause of the effect.Underwater SequenceImage via Vogue Korea.You can also achieve a more defined effect by submerging your subject in water. This technique is going to be extremely limited in regards to filmmaking, as you’re going to have to have a large studio space to use this effect in any way other than a medium close-up, and even then you’re going to have to make sure the rigging is incredibly stable.While the actor may look somewhat underwater, he’s actually on a studio floor space with a water tank situated above him with a light projecting through the water and onto the actor. Much like the first effect, the water needs to move for the wave reflections to appear. Given that this tank is going to be too large to move, we can see a studio member swooshing the water back and forth.Image via Vogue Korea.I can only imagine a handful of situations in which this effect may be put to good use, but knowing the effect is an extra tool in your box. It adds a touch of dreamlike beauty that would be incredibly hard to replicate in post-production.Projecting Rainfall from WindowsRain is a very symbolic element of life. As rain clouds materially block sunlight, they’re linked to darkness, sadness, denial or despair. As such, rain often accompanies a moment of emotional impact. You can go one step further and physically project rain onto the subject. Take the following scene, for example.The scene is from Legends of the Fall. Susana is currently feeling despair, and the rain hitting the window is projected onto her — as if it is crying with her.You can achieve this effect with a very easy setup. You simply need a low-key lighting configuration, with the key light behind a pane of glass with water is falling on it. Have someone pour water through a watering can onto the glass. It is important that that key light is the one that shines through the glass. You’ll lose the effect if you light the room too brightly.Do you have any creative suggestions how to use water to enhance lighting setups? Let us know in the comments. Create a surreal environment by reflecting lights off of a water source.Top image via Sony Pictures.If there’s one element that you don’t want near your lights, it’s water. That said, combining water with a light source can create some fantastic lighting results. Just make sure safety is a top priority. Here are a few water lighting techniques that use everyday items.Water ReflectionImage via Ugly McGregor.There’s an otherworldly beauty to the reflection of water hitting a subject or background. It adds a fascinating dynamic to the scene, although one must be careful as not to make the effect too prominent and distract the viewer. There are several ways to achieve this, but let’s have a look at the cheapest way.Supplies Needed:Plastic bowl or tubReflective MaterialAluminum foil, CD, or broken mirrorlast_img read more

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