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IPE Conference: Long-term horizon hailed as key to improved investment approach

first_img Jaap van Dam, 300 Club“A logical choice is a shift to more business values. But that conversation cannot be conducted now. Due to the great focus on nominal certainty, we have to deal with a mountain of limitations,” he said.“I am not saying that you should not invest in bonds at all. There are short-term obligations that you must cover with certainty. But if you look at PFZW, for example, the peak of obligations will be in 2050. And they will continue until at least 2100. For that, you really have to focus on long-term returns. We have to pursue that more than we do now,” he continued.He advocated more freedom for investors for long-term wealth creation with “immersed” governance and monitoring in mind.“Pension funds issue mandates to asset managers, in which they have very limited freedom of movement around a benchmark,” Van Dam sai, adding that perhaps better returns are achivable if managers can “look beyond the boundaries of their domain.”He said an asset manager should be able to get a “looser assignment”. “The challenge is how you manage governance. The fund board must be more intensively involved,” he said.Van Dam said that a model where more internal management or a smaller number of external asset managers could be beneficial. “Everyone with responsibility for investing must be able to sit together at one table.”During a voting session, approximately 60% of delegates indicated that a focus on sustainable wealth creation would be the best way to align objectives and outcomes to managing assets over a long-term horizon, agreeing with the views of the 300 Club.“The 300 Club agrees that internal management is better to maximise alignment between funds and the implementation,” said Van Dam. “It sends out the strong message that as long as you create the strategy internally you can outsource the mandates externally. The key focus for improving an asset owner’s investment approach in the coming decades is a long-term horizon, which should include long-term drivers of sustainability issues, such as climate change and good governance, according to experts on investment strategy.At the IPE annual conference in Copenhagen this week, Jaap van Dam, director of investment strategy at €238bn Dutch asset manager PGGM and chair of the European chapter of the 300 Club, said pension funds must shift from a pure risk managewment/benchmark-based approach to a more returns-focused approach.Van Dam, who reflected the views of the 300 Club, warned investors “needed to reduce the short-term mark-to-market volatility thinking”.“[A] new investment approach requires a much more selective set of assets in portfolios to achieve the desired outcome,” he noted. He continued: “There is now a lot of activity focused on reducing risks. But the biggest risk is that you will not achieve any returns in the coming decades.”Pension funds invest a substantial percentage of their assets in bonds, whci don’t yield much, Van Dam explained, adding that “this is at odds with the idea that pension funds must use participants’ capital productively.”last_img read more

No Love… ITF World Tennis Tour format criticised by athletes

first_img Submit Writing for The Daily Telegraph, tennis correspondent Simon Briggs has reported on player discontent and disillusion at the International Tennis Federation – ITF’s new professional ranking and tournament qualifying system.Briggs reports that lower ranking players believe that their professional progress has been thwarted, by the introduction of the ITF’s new ‘World Tennis Tour’ ranking system.Players have complained of vital ATP/WTA tournament qualifying points being wiped-out by the system, which has not attributed past athlete performance at a number of formerly syndicated events.Furthermore, the system has been deemed as counterproductive by players, who state that tournament participation has dropped at $25K ITF tour levels – leading to suffocating economic realities amongst lower-ranking tennis athletes.Challenging the ITF’s new ranking system, Canadian player Maria Patrascu set-up the ‘Change the ITF Rules’ petition which has secured 15,000 player signatures.The introduction of the ‘World Tennis Tour’ system in 2019, was agreed by tennis four leading governing bodies the – ATP, WTA, ITF, and the Grand Slam Board, in a move to strengthen the sport’s professional frameworks against corruption and match-fixing.In their review of competition and athlete ranking structures, the governing bodies have been assisted by the research and recommendations of tennis’ ‘Independent Review Panel -IRP’, who last December published its two-year report on tennis integrity.Seeking to eliminate, ‘the corruption that has taken root at the lower levels of tennis’, the IRP has recommended twelve measures to reduce sports corruption and match manipulations.IRP measures aimed at ‘removing opportunities and incentives for breaches of integrity’, saw tennis discontinue the supply of official Sportradar live scoring data on ITF sanctioned World Tennis Tour $15K events.In the report, players interviewed by Briggs complain that they were not properly informed of the system changes, and that tennis governance acted in a tone-deaf manner driven by stats, rather than consulting tennis stakeholders.Speaking at a Miami briefing, ITF Circuit Director Kris Dent acknowledged criticism of the new system, but maintained that ‘the reforms will shake-out at the end of the year’. StumbleUpon Share Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Sportradar combats social media abuse with player protection solution August 17, 2020 Related Articles David Lampitt, Sportradar: F1 presents betting’s most sizeable opportunity August 14, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

‘It’s a special feeling’- Dougherty’s message to class of 2020

first_img6 Jan 2020 ‘It’s a special feeling’- Dougherty’s message to class of 2020 Tags: England Boys’ Squad, England Girl’s, England Men’s Team, england women Nick Dougherty knows all about representing England and winning at the top level.Now the three-times European Tour winner and lead presenter at Sky Sports has encouraged the England Golf class of 2020 to pull on their kit with pride and never take the feeling for granted.Before embarking on a hugely successful professional career and then making the switch into broadcasting with consummate ease, Dougherty came through the ranks at England Golf.A three-times Faldo Series winner in his teens, Dougherty also helped England win the World Junior Championships in 1998 and 1999.In 1999, Dougherty also won the individual title at the World Junior Championships in Japan while that same year his England team were crowned European champions.His career as a boys’ and then men’s international is catalogued in the record books and also in framed photographs dotted about the hallways of the England Golf offices at Woodhall Spa.A look at the boys’ team portraits hanging on the walls brought a smile to Dougherty’s face as he returned to Lincolnshire last month to address the 2019 Performance Conference.“You can see from these photos I was a little bit behind on the fitness side!” said Dougherty with a laugh.But if fitness was a work in progress, then the golf game displayed by a teenage Dougherty following his debut in 1997 was already on track.Dougherty looks back with satisfaction at his days wearing the white of England in Home Internationals, European and World championship events.The 37-year-old says that those fortunate to presently be coming through the system at Woodhall Spa and the National Golf Centre should appreciate what an opportunity they have earned.“It really was the good old days,” said Dougherty with an undeniable pride in his voice.“My first cap with the boys’ squad was at Royal North Devon in 1997 (pictured above).“When you represent your country, it’s special.“Playing for your county is great, but I quickly realised playing for England meant there weren’t many people of my age better than me.“It was the start of me believing I could be a golfer for a living.“Isn’t it demoralising now to think it was a different century!“We won the Europeans, the Worlds and the Home Internationals in that time.“Ironically, the Home Internationals were the hardest to win as Scotland were particularly strong back then – to win all three was great.“For us it was special to represent your nation.“It’s one of the things you miss as a pro.“Even playing Seve Trophies with GB&I isn’t the same as representing England even though it’s a big honour.“Ryder Cup is another level again but it’s a strange vibe representing Europe.“England was always slightly ahead of the other unions and that made sure there was plenty of needle.“The matches against Scotland were massive but the games against Wales and Ireland were similar.“It was fun being part of a great team and it was the start of the journey for me. Today’s players should embrace it too.”England Golf moved to Woodhall Spa in 1995 and Dougherty was one of the first groups to train at the new facility.“It was a more professional set-up to anything I had seen at that stage in my career,” he added.“England broke the game down. Until then the plan was ‘hit it, find it and hit it again’.“Prior to joining up with England we were also told to make sure you have a big meal before you go out on the course so you don’t run out of gas!“Breaking it down to fitness and psychology was all part of my learning and what I went on to do as a professional.”Dougherty is now immersed in the professional game thanks to his TV work with Sky.However, he keeps tabs on the talent coming through thanks to conversations on tour with England Golf coach and Tommy Fleetwood’s short-game guru, Graham Walker (pictured with Nick above).“You hear of the kids and look at the big events and see a Ben Schmidt or a Conor Gough coming through,” added Dougherty.“At the same age as Ben, I won the salver at the Brabazon which I thought was special – it’s not as special as winning the main thing!“These events are a real pre-cursor to what they are about to achieve.“You can only beat the best around you. You can’t compare a Ben Schmidt to a Tommy Fleetwood, but you can compare him to his peers.“Maybe he will be the next one to challenge Tommy.“It’s more competitive now and that’s a testament to the coaches at England Golf and other unions.“It’s about creating the superstars of tomorrow as well as celebrating the amateur game.“The access to coaches, science and learning is here so it’s no surprise to see more players coming through.“If it was the same as we were doing 20 years ago then we have a problem.“Not everything we did 20 years ago was wrong, but the game has changed and the way information is used and transferred to the younger players is the right way.“The England Golf coaches have the right balance and that is shown by the results.”last_img read more

Bridging the Divide: Highlands, Rumson Businesses Collaborate on Customer Service

first_imgThe Lusty Lobster and the Rumson Market Place are collaborating so customers don’t have to go out of their way to pick up their seafood in Highlands while the Oceanic Bridge (above) is closed.RUMSON — Looking for a way to overcome an obstacle for their customers, a business owner on the Rumson side of the Navesink River has established a partnership with one on the Middletown side.Rumson Market Place, 122 East River Road, like a number of area businesses, had been looking at ways to address the challenge posed by the lengthy closing of the Oceanic Bridge.With the Oceanic Bridge closed for repairs until Memorial Day, Rumson Market and the Lusty Lobster in Highlands  decided to add an extra level of customer service by allowing Lusty Lobster customers to pick up their orders at Rumson Market.“It’s a nice thing to be working together,” said Lusty Lobster owner Doug Douty.“It’s been working out great so far,” added Jimmy Nelson, butcher for Rumson Market Place.According to the businessmen, the idea originated with Bill Alcaro, a previous owner of the Rumson market. “It was his idea to cross market,” Douty said. “And with the bridge closing it was a perfect idea.”The aging and dilapidated Oceanic Bridge, a drawbridge spanning the Navesink River, connecting the Rumson peninsula and the Locust section of Middletown and the Bayshore area bordering Highway 36, was closed on Oct. 17 for necessary repairs.With its closing, drivers are forced to take extended detours to circumnavigate the river, having to travel through Sea Bright on to Highlands, Atlantic Highlands and on to Middletown; or they have to travel west on River Road, through Red Bank and on to Highway 35.And that has been of concern to area businesses, which say this inconvenience has taken a toll on their bottom line, as customers are just forsaking their usual stops on the other side of the river.“It’s a real hassle and it takes a lot of extra time and people just don’t have it,” Nelson said. “So right now we’re not seeing too many of those people.”A little less than 10 percent of his customers come from the Middletown side of the river, as it is really the closest grocery store in the area, Nelson explained.Douty’s has many customers in the Rumson and Fair Haven area  who would normally travel to Highlands to buy seafood for their holiday get-togethers. He believes he may have lost some business because of the bridge situation.Now customers can contact Lusty Lobster and Douty would arrange to have it delivered to Rumson Market Place for pickup, which the two businesses see as a win-win for them and customers.“Of course, it complements us because of our meats and other items,” and bringing those customers into the shop, Nelson said.“I think it’s a nice thing that Jimmy does for this customers and I think it’s a nice thing we do for our customers,” Douty said.“I just think it’s really nice that two businesses can work together and help one another,” Douty added.last_img read more

Hospitals Offer Programs To Quit Smoking

first_imgNov. 19 American Smokeout DayBy Judy O’Gorman AlvarezFor years physicians, clean air enthusiasts and loved ones have been trying to get smokers to put out their cigarettes for good. On Nov. 19 the American Cancer Society (ACS) will once again encourage smokers to give up smoking – even for one day – during the Great American Smokeout.According to the ACS, about 42 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, and tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the United States.“This is the only product on the shelf out in the world that if you follow manufacturer’s guidelines, it kills you,” said Ghulam Abbas, M.D., director of minimally invasive thoracic surgery at Meridian Health. “It’s like you’re hiring someone to come and hurt you – and you pay tax on top of it!”Tongue, throat, esophagus, windpipe, lung and even bladder cancer have all been linked to smoking. “Smoking can also cause hypertension, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), artery disease and other chronic diseases are also all results of smoking,” said Abbas.Abbas also warns “Not only are you hurting yourself, you’re hurting your loved ones.” Pregnant women and smokers lighting up around children are causing harm to the developing little ones. “Children of smoking parents have more respiratory issues than people who don’t smoke.” Despite the risks, the warnings and the scientific evidence, people still smoke. “It tells me it is clearly an addiction,” Abbas said. He cites that some patients, even after two cancer diagnoses, surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, continue to smoke.Although the number of U.S. smokers has decreased – from nearly 21 of every 100 adults in 2005 to nearly 18 of every 100 adults in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – many communities promote ways to help smokers quit. According to Joshua Havard, manager of pulmonary rehab, respiratory and neurology services, Riverview Medical Center, the hospital’s smoking cessation groups sees a 30 percent success rate, as opposed to the national 8 to 12 percent rate.Some participants may be linked with a pulmonary rehab program and suffer from ailments such as COPD or pulmonary fibrosis and have been strongly encouraged by physicians to attend the program. “These are folks that can hardly walk up a flight of steps,” he said.
“And some people finally come because they’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,” said Havard, who along with colleague Lorie Caddock, run the smoking cessation programs. “They want to live better, breathe better.”
Riverview’s cessation program works as an ongoing group therapy session. “We’re not judgmental,” said Havard, who smoked as a teenager until his mid-20s. “Instead of berating you with health statistics, we let people open up and talk about their experiences.”Participants share experiences and tips on quitting and others may require nicotine replacement therapy – such as patches, nicotine chewing gum or prescribed medication.The decision to seek help in breaking the smoking addiction is a personal one and varies. According to Havard, for some it may be tallying up how many thousands of dollars they could save by giving up smoking that spurs them into quitting. “And some people say ‘I’m not ready yet,’ and we put them on a back burner and check in at a later time.”“The people left smoking today are your most seriously addicted,” said , vice president of Barnabas Health Institute for Prevention. “And many smokers are people with mental health or substance abuse issues.”The Barnabas six-week tobacco cessation program is run by certified tobacco treatment specialists who have been trained at Rutgers Behavioral Health, according to Greene, the primary training for similar programs throughout the world. “These are the best practices of the public health guidelines,” said Greene.Specialists access the smoker to determine the level of addiction, monitor CO2 levels in their lungs and prescribe medication related to how addicted they are.“The decrease in the smoking population came about because of taxes, clean indoor act and enforcement of where you can and cannot smoke,” said Greene. “It became very difficult for smokers to smoke.”But changing longtime habits is not as easy. Greene points out that when health warnings were placed on cigarette packs in the 1960s, “we learned that information alone does not change behavior.”The problem is epidemic. “It’s most insidious. It’s more difficult (to combat) than heroin.”Despite the dire statistics, health professionals continue to develop successful smoking cessation programs. “Help is out there,” she said.For information on smoking cessation programs at Riverview Medical Center and other Meridian locations, call 732-530-2589. For the Barnabas Health programs at Monmouth Medical Center and other locations, call 732-914-3815.last_img read more


first_imgSHERMAN, HOLLENDORFER & BAFFERT COLLIDE IN MUCH-ANTICIPATED FOLLOW-UP TO B.C. CLASSIC; SAN ANTONIO TO BE PART OF ‘JOCKEY CLUB TOUR’ AND BE BROADCAST LIVE ON FOX SPORTS 1 ARCADIA, Calif. (Feb. 4, 2015)–Three of the nation’s most highly regarded 4-year-olds, Horse of the Year California Chrome, 2013 Eclipse Champion 2-year-old Male Shared Belief and recent San Pasqual Stakes winner Hoppertunity head a dynamic field of nine older horses in Saturday’s Grade II, $500,000 San Antonio Invitational, to be run at 1 1/8 miles this Saturday at Santa Anita.California Chrome, trained by Art Sherman, and Shared Belief, conditioned by Jerry Hollendorfer, will meet for the first time since Bob Baffert’s Bayern orchestrated a controversial gate to wire win in the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic at Santa Anita on Nov. 1. Although Bayern has yet to make his 2015 debut, Baffert will be represented by Hoppertunity, and thus, all three trainers are again front and center in what no-doubt shapes up as the biggest race of the New Year.A winner of last year’s Grade I Santa Anita Derby, Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, California-bred California Chrome was third, beaten a neck in the Classic and he followed that with a two length win in the Grade I Hollywood Derby at 1 1/8 miles on turf Nov. 29–thus giving him four Grade I victories on the year.Although he had no apparent excuses in the Classic, “Chrome” was voted Horse of the Year as well as Eclipse Champion 3-year-old Male, in what many observers viewed as a partial rebuke to Bayern’s Classic triumph, which was tainted by the fact he bore in sharply leaving the gate, fouling Shared Belief and others.Owned by his breeders, Perry Martin and Steve Coburn, California Chrome is by Lucky Pulpit and is out of Love the Chase, a mare that won just once, an $8,000 maiden claimer at Golden Gate Fields. America’s most recognizable horse, chestnut hued California Chrome is blessed with outstanding tactical speed and the ability to carry it classic distances. In his quest to become racing’s first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978, California Chrome came up 1 ¾ lengths short in the Belmont, as he ran fourth, which also snapped a six-race winning streak.In addition to the Santa Anita Derby, California Chrome also won the California Cup Derby and the Grade II San Felipe at Santa Anita last year and is three for five lifetime in Arcadia. With nine wins, a second and a third from 16 overall starts, he has $4,222,650 in earnings. Based at Los Alamitos, he vanned to Santa Anita on Tuesday and will be ridden for the 11th consecutive time by Victor Espinoza.Undefeated in seven starts going into the Breeders’ Cup Classic, Shared Belief was the 5-2 post time favorite but in the opinion of many, lost all chance at victory when he was knocked sideways leaving the gate, causing him to take up shortly thereafter and losing early position. Although the rancorous aftermath of the Classic still hangs in the air, the Candy Ride gelding gained a measure of redemption by taking the Grade I, seven furlong Malibu Stakes on Santa Anita’s opening day, Dec. 26.Owned by Jim and Janet Rome’s Jungle Racing Stable, LLC, Hollendorfer, George Todaro, Jason Litt and Alex Solis II, Shared Belief twice defeated older horses last year, in the Grade I, 1 ¼ miles Pacific Classic on Aug. 24, and three starts back, in the Grade I, 1 1/8 miles Awesome Again Stakes at Santa Anita Sept. 27.Like California Chrome, Shared Belief has plenty of natural speed and he’s a proven warrior when the real running commences. Favored in seven out of his nine career starts, Shared Belief is two for three at Santa Anita and has eight overall victories, resulting in earnings of $2,032,200. Headquartered at Golden Gate Fields, he’ll again be ridden by Mike Smith, who has guided him to four wins in his last five starts.Hollendorfer will also saddle longshot Tonito M., who comes off a close fourth place finish to Hoppertunity in the Grade II, 1 1/16 miles San Pasqual Stakes on Jan. 10. A winner of six out of his first seven starts in Puerto Rico, the 4-year-old Kentucky-bred colt by Rock Hard Ten won the Grade III Oklahoma Derby three starts back, his lone win in eight stateside starts for Hollendorfer. He is 15-7-3-2 overall with earnings of $503,812.A winner of last year’s Grade II, 1 1/16 miles Rebel Stakes, Hoppertunity was subsequently second to California Chrome in the Santa Anita Derby, after which he went to the sidelines. Following a close second in a seven furlong allowance at Santa Anita Oct. 29, the Kentucky-bred colt by Any Given Saturday then pressed the pace en route to a half length win in the Grade I, 1 1/8 miles Clark Handicap at Churchill Downs on Nov. 28.In his 4-year-old debut Jan. 10, Hoppertunity was an impressive 1 ¾ length winner of the Grade II, 1 1/16 miles San Pasqual on Jan. 10. Owned by Mike Pegram, Karl Watson and Paul Weitman, Hoppertunity has two wins and two seconds from five starts at Santa Anita and is 8-4-2-0 overall with earnings of $1,070,675.A well beaten 15th in Japan’s Group I, 1 1/8 miles Champions Cup on Dec. 7, trainer George Papaprodromou’s Imperative was one of several horses who were negatively impacted at the start of the Breeders’ Cup Classic two starts back on Nov. 1. A sharp second from off the pace in last year’s San Antonio, the 5-year-old Bernardini gelding will hope for a fast pace. A miraculous $50,000 claim 12 starts back in December, 2013, Imperative made over $1.2 million last year. Owned by KM Racing Enterprise, he is 21-3-4-3 overall, with lifetime earnings of $1,320,870.Although well beaten in the restricted Clockers’ Corner Stakes going 6 ½ furlongs down Santa Anita’s hillside turf course on Jan. 25, veteran Clubhouse Ride has proven he can act with top horses on dirt and will try to make his presence felt from off the pace. Trained by Craig Lewis and owned by Six-S Racing Stable and Nikolas Petralia, the 7-year-old horse by Candy Ride was a winner of Santa Anita’s Grade II, 1 1/8 miles Californian last June and has amassed $1,321,132 in earnings from an overall mark of 42-5-9-10.A Group I winner in his native Chile, trainer Neil Drysdale’s Bronzo was sixth, beaten 4 ¾ lengths by Hoppertunity in his second U.S. start, the San Pasqual Stakes on Jan. 10. A 6-year-old gelding by Fusaichi Pegasus, Bronzo could well improve with a race under his belt and will hope to be flying late in the colors of his owner, Don Alberto Stable. He is 21-11-1-4 overall with earnings of $273,002.The complete field for the San Antonio, to be televised live on Fox Sports 1 and carded as the eighth race on a nine-card, with jockeys, weights and morning line in post position order: Hoppertunity, Martin Garcia, 123, 4-1; Tonito M., Rafael Bejarano, 120, 15-1; You Know I Know, Drayden Van Dyke, 118, 30-1; Imperative, Flavien Prat, 120, 20-1; Shared Belief, Mike Smith, 123, 7-5; Clubhouse Ride, Aaron Gryder, 120, 30-1; Bronzo, Gary Stevens, 120, 20-1; California Chrome, Victor Espinoza, 123, 6-5, and Alfa Bird, Tyler Baze, 118, 30-1.                First post time on Saturday is at 12:30 p.m. Admission gates open at 10:30 a.m.last_img read more

Former Warriors star David Lee sells unfinished condo for $11M

first_imgFormer Golden State Warriors’ big man David Lee has sold an unfinished property in West Hollywood’s coveted Sierra Towers for $11 million, reports the L.A. Times.Click here if viewing from a mobile device.The property actually encompasses three units and takes up an entire half floor — “a blank canvas of voluminous raw space.”  A balcony extends the length of the unit and offers expansive views of city and ocean.Paul Stukin and Joshua Greer Hilton & Hyland were the listing agents. …last_img read more

Mirror City is an Epic (and Psychedelic) Timelapse Video

first_imgFor a wholly original take on timelapse video, check out Mirror City – shots of prominent US cities get a psychedelic kaleidoscope treatment.With the popularity of  timelapse video, it seems a new one is making the rounds on the ‘net every week. Most of the popular timelapse vids on YouTube and Vimeo, while having high production value, are pretty much the same.  Some are just gimmicky.  So like a breath of fresh air, here comes Michael Shainblum’s Mirror City – a totally original timelapse video concept.Shot in Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Mirror City takes urban images and mirrors/processes them to create a kaleidoscope like effect. The result is a fantastic abstraction of light, shapes and colors that’s a visual delight. The deep electronic backing music works well, adding to the mysterious and otherworldly effects of the video.This trippy timelapse video is great inspiration for video and media pros to think unconventionally when approaching their projects![Best viewed full screen in HD]last_img read more

Cheer for team India

Saw PV Sindhu crying for the first time after losing a match, says father

first_imgP.V. Ramana, father of Indian badminton superstar PV Sindhu, said he was disappointed that her daughter lost in the World Badminton Championships final and also revealed that he saw her crying for the first time after losing a match.The Rio Olympic silver-medallist gave it her all in the breathtaking final of the women’s singles event, but she had to eventually settle for the silver at the World Championships.In a close summit showdown that lasted for one hour and 50 minute, the longest match of the tournament so far, Sindhu lost 19-21, 22-20, 20-22 to Nozomi Okuhara of Japan.”I am a bit disappointed about the loss in the finals. But she exhibited a fighting spirit against Okuhara. I am happy that she (Sindhu) fought well till the last point,” Ramana told ANI.”Saw Sindhu crying for the first time in her career after losing a match.””It is good that both Okuhara and Sindhu have shown the world their class of badminton. I am happy with the performance of my daughter,” he added.Ramana, who himself is a former volleyball player, further insisted that he was overwhelmed with the love and support that his daughter was getting from the people of India.He, however, said that for a player a gold is a gold and silver is a silver.It was the third medal for Sindhu in the World Championships. She had won bronze twice in the 2013 and 2014 editions.Sindhu also became the only second Indian to reach the finals of World Championship after Saina Nehwal achieved that feat in the last edition of the tournament at Jakarta.advertisementThe Hyderabadi shuttler had assured India of the silver with a straight-games win over Chen Yufei of China in the semi-final clash.Sindhu, who has been in a rampaging form ever since her Rio Olympics final defeat to Spain’s Carolina Marin, had earlier clinched her maiden Super Series Premier title at China Open last year before winning the India Super Series in April. She also won the Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold in January.last_img read more

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