People on micro-blog, WeChat is no longer unfamiliar, more and more people accept, use and even can not do without them. Every day to see micro-blog, micro-blog, WeChat, hair micro letters become part of some of the people living in the indispensable. Micro-blog WeChat huge user base so that we have to think about how to help them with the help of the site operations, following with everyone to explore this issue.   first, the simple, vary with. Let the fragmentation of time becomes meaningful, which is a major reason for the popularity of micro-blog WeChat, but it also requires micro-blog WeChat dissemination of information must be concise refining. Therefore, the site can be refined on the classic articles, coupled with the image of the image, in order to facilitate the fans to read and understand. In the refining of micro-blog WeChat text attached to the link in the site, to facilitate more in-depth understanding of the information of the audience to get more information, but also to achieve the purpose of site drainage.   secondly, combined with the hot occasion to spread. The mass of hot attention will be relatively high, if micro-blog WeChat content can seize the psychological characteristics of the fans and exactly, combined with their own product or brand concept, can achieve little effect. But the focus of the selection and use of the degree must be appropriately selected, so as to avoid attacks by fans, damage to curry favour by claptrap, their image. Like the micro-blog very hot Faye Wong Li Yapeng divorce, mini Chinese marketing is relatively successful, but South Korea is taking advantage of marketing fans attack.   again, the combination of professionalism and entertainment. Micro-blog WeChat content first and website content is consistent, professional and have a certain authority, but also appropriate to add some light entertainment content, attention and interaction with professional yet humorous image to attract fans. In addition to pushing some of WeChat’s professional content can also be used as a platform for consulting services and entertainment, timely answers to questions of fans, held some fun interactive activities.   finally, with the help of authoritative, leveraging communication. For the beginning of the use of micro-blog WeChat to promote the stationmaster, the amount of fans become the bottleneck in the weak, so need to assist with the promotion of Reds tuba in the industry has a lot of fans through their base, for our drainage, to attract the attention of fans.   micro-blog WeChat promotion is just one of many ways to promote a website operation promotion is never easy, from the use of the recommended spacebuilder is easy to set up their own operations using a variety of ways to promote community website to make website gradually active, A5 friends gave me a lot of help, here I have some experience their share to you, hope you can help.