after several small site optimization and cooperation with others found a few tips to share with you.

first website internal structure

optimization of the structure of the article more than just say something recently learned.

1, the site is best coupled with W3C standard

2, title tag is best placed in

Under the

tab, and below the keyword and description tags.

            < meta http-equiv=" content-type" content=" text/html; charset=GB2312" />


              originally I did not pay attention to the sea music network to do this, title tags are placed under the description label. For CMS system had been optimized in place, do not Paizhuan oh. Here is to make their own procedures for a friend of the proposal.

website external links optimization

link exchange matters attention everyone to see more, do not repeat.

1 of the website, then the initial link is not too much, as long as the snapshot quickly, not related to the type, when the high quality links and the PR value will have to follow the snapshot to the same type of negotiation.

At the same time,

in 2, and many websites Link Exchange found that although some websites is exactly the same as the station, but the PR can be up to 5 or even 6, the station was later discovered that in fact no matter what you are, as long as it will change, and then home to more than and 100 by the number of links, these links fast improved PR. And then start exchanging high PR links. Here we may wish to learn, but it will make people feel like garbage station.

sea music network in a group of links and webmaster exchange found that they are very kind of cattle, the site has been the industry leader. And look back at where they’re from


found that they were very focused, that is, to concentrate on doing, did not find how many sites they have, and one of their stations to prove their success. So we have to learn from the place where we are in a website that is an industry to do the "professional" two words, do more than one, we do a fine, then we have hope.

has been on the road, hoping to communicate with more webmaster friends to learn QQ:408199514