The problem of marketing

[introduction] the era of information explosion; since the media are catering marketing; catering enterprises layout O2O become inevitable: first of all, to achieve good integration of resources, the second is to make good use of resources, the two indispensable.


with the rapid development of the Internet, micro-blog, WeChat and a series of new media on people’s daily had a huge impact. From the sea to the network variant carved sirloin, West master WeChat propaganda, catering brands with new network media has become a kind of inevitable. So, micro-blog, WeChat and other characteristics and differences of new network media is? What successful catering brand is how to use new media? How to use new media to our own catering brand? It needs in the eighth period of O2O dining salon scene to listen to the clatter of senior marketing network expert Huang’s wonderful commentary.

Huang Yang was born in 88 years the pan 90 generation, computer professional background, Beijing is now more market department. In the OpenLab IT international education group enterprise training instructor, after entering the domestic famous interactive marketing agency Chen ink network marketing and PR company responsible for marketing planning a grand day. Responsible for and participate in COFCO, where customers, China Telecom, China Mobile, car net, beauty makeup ask hooot network marketing and promotion of multiple brands. Fully understand the characteristics of 85, 90 and other marketing and accumulated a lot of experience and cases. Go into the restaurant industry O2O once the bull market bull, South Beauty, Kyrgyzstan, golden fish bean sauce, bean sprouts and other bone Wang a number of catering enterprises to provide planning and consulting.

information explosion era marketing problems


of a business operator, the change of thinking is very important, we are in a period of great transformation era, full of uncertainty, the whole society on the road of change, thought and the traditional way of thinking change is the most difficult to remove the inherent and. We know that today’s food and beverage industry has entered the era of brand competition from the past era of service products, more and more catering enterprises recognize the power of brand communication. In the emerging media today, the brand marketing strategy of the catering industry is also quietly changing.

a lot of people open a restaurant, because there is just a resource, but it is not clear whether these resources into the catering industry. Many people do restaurants because they are cooks or some of the raw materials available to the chef. From 2000 -2010 years, the rapid development of Chinese catering industry, high-end food and beverage brands appear greatly spread, South Beauty, sea fishing and other brands. 2011-2013 is at an inflection point. The restaurant’s profit is Ping effect, per capita GDP is rising, the market competition pressure is also increasing. Diversification, standardization, innovation, fans of the era of flash, rent, increase in manpower led to the future of China’s new brand must be small and exquisite food.

why should I choose you? Your food is so delicious that I will never forget it