a lot of things agree without prior without previous consultation. Micro business is the future of the media, the media industry is the hottest since the media, corporate public relations is the hottest business from the media (official WeChat, the official micro-blog). All point to the same thing — the enterprise from the media, in the end how to play? Ge with enterprises from the media for example, summed up the 10 dry cargo, recorded, worthy of careful experience.


1, human centered. This is the ten time I’ve said this. To do business from the media, we must first figure out what your fans are not self centered, directly on the contents of the blind release. For example, if you are a fresh electricity supplier, your official from the media is the face of those who love food, if you are a mask electricity supplier, you are the official face of the media who are interested in beauty.

2, to provide valuable content for fans. I also said this many times, determine your fans circle, then need to do is continue to provide valuable content. Some people say, of course, since the media enterprise official to publish the content of the enterprise, inevitably involves advertising, soft Wen, how to do? I want to say is not on the enterprise positive things must be soft, the only criterion is whether it has a soft value to the fans. For example, a few days ago, my WeChat media (WeChat public number: yanyuelong2014) issued a "small business required: 47 PPT first disclosed new trend data and WeChat marketing of WeChat shopping user!" article, do you think this is soft? It tells you a lot of characteristics of WeChat shopping users the back a lot of WeChat marketing case, but in fact it is also for our WeChat shopping entrance publicity.

3, open office media. Official business from the media is not only the official micro operations group of things, but all things. To use an open attitude to the media. Here is an open editorial department, to let everyone to produce content. For example, can not let colleagues in other departments contribute to the fans can not contribute only open, in order to have more fresh content, but also more interactive.

4, say people. Since your media is human centered, not corporate centric, not content centric. Then it must be a person to say. Do not post the official press release from the media, and do not talk to a cold body tone. To be personalized, the first to sort out your brand’s personality keywords, and then use such a character of the tone of speech. Here, I do not agree with the old media small, small voice of official business, it will make you feel the fans who dialogue is too low, small is not representative of a business, he is just a small enterprise employees.

5, storytelling. Since it is the media, it is necessary to do the content, since it is the enterprise from the media, it is necessary not only to do the content, but also marketing, that is content marketing. The essence of content marketing is storytelling. Tell the boss’s story, tell the story