"forced to add friends" to see the album, log"……

Express News "compulsory plus friends" to see the album, "log" 22 yuan can see non friends"…… Some of the shop to sell in a flagrant way of social networking sites "peeping" service, a threat to the user’s personal information security.

in recent years, social networking sites have become an important way to get to know and contact friends, however, due to the existence of loopholes in the protection of personal information, social networking sites have become a hotbed of personal information leakage". Experts believe that through legal channels "tie the fence", building a network of personal information protection barrier.

spend 22 yuan can not friends view

recently, there are always some strangers on the social networking site requires me to be friends, and frequent visits to my home page, which makes me worry about personal information on the home page has been stolen." Miss Yu said, for the previous shopping card, fill in the questionnaire promotion will pay attention to the protection of personal information, did not think of the social networking site also began to "threatened by growing crises".

social networking site users often publish photos, logs, messages and other relatives and friends, so the information on the user’s home page is mostly true information. Users usually want to "friends" for verification, mutual friends to browse the other side of the home page. However, the system settings of "verify friends" did not block the network "peeping"".

according to the survey, some of the shop to sell in a flagrant way "non friend view" service, that does not need each other through verification, you can directly view personal information.

Reporters in the

type "domestic shopping website homepage to see non friends" and other words, the public offering this service has more than 10 businesses, prominently marked with "compulsory plus friends" and "home page" and "non friend view", among them, some commodity monthly sales of over a hundred, more than 40 comments. Reporters to sell a non friends view service shop paid 22 yuan, asked to view a social networking site A account contact, log, etc.. Five minutes later, the merchant provides a set of account name and password for the B account for customers to experience the effect". Reporters through the B account login, can enter the A account page, the photos, phone number, e-mail and other personal information is only open to friends are glance. Here, suffered personal information leaked A account has not received any notification system.

some sell non friends to see the service business is also known as the number of cooperation with the social networking site to provide the peeping account can be VIP permissions". And how to use these personal information buyers, it is unknown.

technology vulnerability management is the main reason or

Internet experts, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of media and design, Wei Wuhui believes that the implementation of "non friends view" there are two possibilities: one is the social networking site there are technical loopholes being used; two is the social networking site of internal personnel management. However, the cooperation leak has yet to be verified >