from the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of health and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Food and Drug Administration and other six departments concentrated in the country to carry out "activities involving illegal drug remediation online information special action has achieved initial results, investigating 1150 communication related illegal information the site, clean up illegal information about 1100000.

since the April 20th special action started, the relevant departments of the online sexual activities of drug information and illegal illegal advertisements were focused on the investigation and clean-up, ordered the illegal provision of medical services, the sale of prescription drugs involved in site rectification, and web site to carry out self correction work.

according to the relevant person in charge, found in the special action, some individuals and companies to set up a website, the name of national well-known medical institutions under the banner of harm patients, others through the sale of related drugs, prescription drugs and illegal profiteering, many websites related to drug sales activities not filing or filing false way to evade the law supervision. Here, the relevant departments to remind the masses, who did not get the health, drug administration legal qualification of medical institutions and drug information service website is illegal, especially not to rely on the Internet of drug advertising, beware of deception.

in this special action, the national Internet Information Office jointly with relevant departments to increase remediation efforts on the 957 public strongly reflect the so-called "China international difficult disease Research Institute of biological gene", "Beijing Medical University First venereal disease treatment centers and other medical institutions false website and sales of prescription drugs or medicines to take measures to investigate the site 143 of them to be closed, the territory of the spread of illegal information and false filing or non filing website, 814 located outside the site has taken measures to block isolation. In addition, the provision of medical services, 176 of the illegal sale of counterfeit drugs and prescription drug related sites ordered rectification of activities involving illegal drug advertising on the 12 release sites and 5 links to provide services for activities involving illegal drug advertising website exposure to clean up inventory, forum, blog, and micro-blog search illegal information about 1100000 snapshot. At the same time, the business sector has also dealt with 46 cases involving drug supplies advertising cases.

it is understood that in this special action, Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center received a total of illegal activities involving drug information report more than and 450 times, after the preliminary examination has been referred to the relevant departments for review. Relevant departments responsible person said, thanks to the strong support of the public for special action, welcome to continue to report by phone call 12377 or log on to the website