United States and Amazon cooperation, with Amazon China President Ge Daoyuan said, cooperation will help to further enrich the appliance category of goods". It is clear that, in the eyes of partners, this cooperation is a merchant settled, far outside the mouth of strategic cooperation height. For the United States, with Amazon is a good learning opportunity for contact with foreign business, Gome non-executive director and chairman of the board Zhang Dazhong said to the United States, the United States still needs a lot of rules on the industry of the country to. And it is precisely because the two countries in the sales system – such as price war, after sales time, service costs, experience and other huge differences, it makes the domestic electricity supplier overseas development unusually difficult.

such as millet in overseas business market constantly frustrated, especially in the India market, again and again for the court of patent disputes. Coupled with the impact of Google’s low-end mobile phone, India local network is not smooth, hunger marketing model is not down to earth, millet overseas expansion of the road go extremely difficult. In contrast, a plus in Europe and the United States market is quite moist. As a new intelligent mobile phone brand, has been overseas consumers, the key is not the continuation of domestic mobile phone manufacturers and sales and marketing, according to local conditions to adapt to the overseas service system and policy. The United States and the United States to cooperate with Amason, perhaps not want to be developed in the United States, but rather through the curve to save the country in the form of suppliers to do Amason.

just live to avoid domestic competition

at present, the United States online in a very awkward position. Although after the continuous expansion, has become a full category of electricity supplier website, but its sales focus is still the United States on the basis of the online home appliance category. In terms of sales channels on the wire, the United States online is still difficult to Jingdong, Tmall and other threats.

2015 "Chinese analysis report" shows that online shopping appliances, home appliances online shopping market in 2015 the Jingdong secured 60% country, the share reached 60.2%. The second half of the year Tmall launched on the offensive, to regain some lost ground, with a 29.4% share ranked second. Although suning.com, Gome online in the fierce competition in the steady status, but the two market share does not significantly increased. In other words, Suning and Gome online accounted for only 10.4% of the market……

even the most traditional and most basic sales of home appliances have been lost, Gome online live nature more difficult. Gome 2015 earnings report, the United States online trading volume grew 114.5%. Seems to be quite large, but did not give a specific amount of the transaction. Can only explain the original amount of the United States online trading base is low, only in the online shopping market stride forward wave, ushered in rapid growth. Ali electricity supplier giant, Jingdong, etc., and can not cause substantial threat.

not only that, the entire Gome Holding Co., Ltd. for the 12 months ended December 31, 2015 full year results show that sales revenue was only $64 billion 600 million, an increase of only 7%. >