what is Matthew effect, can be said to be simple or simple. The better, the worse. Remember when we just bought a motorcycle in the village, the first to buy, with a period of time to say that this guy is good. Then less than 1 months to the village increased to 10 vehicles, then each have a full, or a few, but good times don’t last long. Gasoline prices, maintenance costs continue to increase, resulting in a lot of home motorcycles in addition to idle. After a period of time after a lot of people choose to buy the battery car, and then all the advantages, and then follow the trend of each family has a battery car, the results of the back we should think. There is some way off, so we now on the Internet and what Matthew



online shopping is

for online shopping many people will not be unfamiliar, it can be said that online shopping has become a part of life. So here is the biggest case of Taobao, and many people like to shop in Taobao, because you can Amoy cheap goods. But when we buy goods we are numb, why? Because too many people to sell, we cannot judge, then the Matthew effect here the effect is magnified, will continue to increase the sales of many products that are sold well and sell good products will gradually subside. There are a lot of playing the price of the station, you sell 100 I sell is not a little bit of the advantage of, I would like to. Because the final performance of online shopping is on the price, but this value belongs to a part of the crowd, many people still love to high sales sellers choose to shop, because they sell well, there is a certain advantage. Split products, in the heart of scoring has been biased high sales of the seller, so the end result is still the most sales of high profit and price the seller, the station is lose the wife of another soldier.

here I want to express is not a brush sales problem, please do not refer to sales. I have done an experiment, a free commodity, I sold 20 yuan to the price of $200. So many people will be surprised, why is this? The answer is simple, Matthew effect. A lot of people will only look at the success of others, rather than look at the hard work of others, this is certainly not desirable. Here you want to express or you can grasp the hearts of consumers, you may be a consumer, then what you see now?

website building wind

a lot of people say that the site can make money, the answer is correct. Build a website is to be able to earn money, but be like Taobao seller, earn money is a few. Perhaps you said that you built the website of all the money, then I tell you, you only know a webmaster. From the simple expired domain name, we can see how many people give up. Today, my friend Liu Yufan wrote an article called "if the Internet is not a webmaster," in the text of the full show that the hard and difficult. So read this passage, do you