industry website is to provide comprehensive service industry, industry information, industry and enterprises to provide professional information platform for industry portal. The following Seoer Xiyuan and we analysis industry website marketing points:

first, the development model and characteristics of the industry website

– improve the broad information platform for small and medium-sized enterprise users, strengthen business information, make enterprise brand publicity. The site should focus on industry resources, to attract the attention of a large number of buyers and buyers, to play the role of industry information platform, urging buyers and sellers to communicate, to reach a transaction rate.

two, industry website marketing strategy:

– Search Marketing: using keywords, long tail keywords optimization, SEO optimization to improve search engine traffic over.

strong promotion: through traditional newspapers, television, radio, exhibitions and other web sites to promote and promote the brand image of the industry.

users: provide free self-service industry information release platform and common self-help tools.

– online service: for buyers and sellers to improve online service industry support technology, ensure better improve the site conversion rate.

– other promotion: e-mail, blog, forum, write text, mass information, strengthen the site information promotion.

three, user experience analysis

– for the buyer, the seller, to improve the service of different angles, help company business promotion, product information, business opportunities, looking for suppliers, buyers, peer analysis website, take its advantages, for website construction, the seller needs: the main crowd is not just the Internet enterprise website or near the small and medium-sized enterprises, want to use network marketing means to expand the enterprise market space. Hope that the site has a reasonable directory structure, easy to use, can easily find their products to the seller. The main characteristics of the buyer’s demand behavior is already owned by the traditional channels of supply businesses, they hope that the site has a wealth of product information to facilitate the search, while providing the price, contact. Product specialization, timeliness strong, easy to query the purchase.

four, note:

– brand image: pay attention to user experience and business marketing combination.

– word of mouth: to achieve excellence, good products all pass, user’s good reputation is the goal of the development of the website.

– Website: good website marketing, better provide buyers business opportunities, is conducive to the long-term development of the website and charges.

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