first_imgI.INTRODUCTION FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare C.ORDINANCE R-2019-13 An Ordinance to Rezone Certain Real Estate in the City of Evansville, State of Indiana, More Commonly Known as 706 Wessel Lane, Evansville, IN  47712 Petitioner: Chad Sanders Owner: Grimm Property Holdings LLC Requested Change: R1 to R2 Ward: 6 Brinkmeyer Representative: Chad Sander, Real Property Management Results A.THE NEXT MEETING of the Common Council will be Monday, June 24, at 5:30 p.m. II.APPROVAL OF MEETING MEMORANDUM civic center City Council MeetingJUNE 10, 2019 at 5:30 P.M.1 NW ML KING JR. BLVD – ROOM 301AGENDA III.REPORTS AND COMMUNICATIONS V.CONSENT AGENDA:  FIRST READING OF ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS A.ORDINANCE G-2019-08 An Ordinance Amending Title 18 of the Evansville Municipal Code Concerning Lane Use and Zoning Sponsor(s): Adams Discussion Led By: Public Works Chair Adams Discussion Date: 6/24/2019 VII.REGULAR AGENDA:  SECOND READING OF ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS B.ORDINANCE F-2019-11 An Ordinance of the Common Council of the City of Evansville Authorizing Transfers of Appropriations, Additional Appropriations and Repeal and Re-Appropriation of Funds for Various City Funds Sponsor(s): Weaver Discussion Led By: Finance Chair Weaver Discussion Date: 6/24/2019 R-2019-13 Attachment: IV.SPECIAL ORDERS OF THE DAY X.COMMITTEE REPORTS VIII.RESOLUTION DOCKET F-2019-11 Attachment: G-2019-08 Attachment: IX.MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS Memo Attachment: B.ADDITIONAL MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS XI.ADJOURNMENT Agenda Attachment: VI.COMMITTEE REPORTSlast_img