first_imgJust in case you missed Mayoral; Candidate Gail Riecken  e-mail she sent to Commander Acker accepting his invitation  to attend the “CALL TO ASSEMBLE”  we have attached  her acceptance e-mail.GAIL RIECKEN ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO ATTEND THE “CALL TO ASSEMBLE”.Dear Commander Mark AckerAs a wife, who’s husband was a Navy Veteran and served three (3) consecutive tours in Vietnam, it’s an honor for me to accept your invitation to speak at the Veteran’s Council of Vanderburgh County’s “Call to Assemble” event on September 23 held at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.When our county called upon the brave men and women to serve their Country for the cause of Freedom, they did. Today our Veterans are calling our local political candidates to “Assemble” at the Veteran Memorial Coliseum and I consider it to be a privilege and honor to participate in this event.I also share the Veteran’s Council of Vanderburgh County’s commitment to encourage honest, open governance, with transparency and better accountability to our beloved City. As your State Representative, I have work tirelessly on issues that effect our Veterans and shall continue, if I’m elected Mayor of Evansville.I strongly feel the “Call To Assemble” will give me the opportunity to discuss the present and the future of our great city in an open and honest dialogue.I look forward to attending this event and excited about discussing the real issues with my opponents.Sincerely,Gail RieckenMayoral Candidate For the Great City Of EvansvillePlease take time and vote in today’s “Readers Poll”. Don’t miss reading today’s Feature articles because they are always an interesting read. Please scroll at the bottom of our paper so you can enjoy our creative political cartoons. Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without our permission.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Earlier this week Mayor Winnecke declined  the invitation by the Commander of the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council, Mark Acker to attend the “CALL TO ASSEMBLE” gathering.  This event is an nonpartisan  political forum to be held on September 23, 2015 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  Posted below is Commander of the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council, Mark Acker statement concerning Mayor Winnecke declining to attend this event.OFFICIAL  STATEMENT  FROM VANDERBURGH  COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL  COMMANDER, MARK  ACKER When told  that current Mayor Lloyd Winnecke declined his invitation to attend the “Call To Assemble” event on September 23, 2015, that would benefit the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council and Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Commander Mark Acker stated that he is “deeply saddened and disappointed.”“I don’t understand  why the Mayor would decline this invitation in order to attend the ongoing Traveling City Hall event that are poorly attended and could easily be represented by one of his staff.”   “I hope he will reconsider his decision because the area Veterans would like to know what we can expect from him the next 4 years if he’s reelected Mayor.”MARK ACKERCOMMANDER, COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL COMMANDER, last_img