58 the city has been the news constantly, high-profile appearances, the first is to raise $5 million, also once in a number of media reflects the classification of information on behalf of Web2.0 http://s.tech.sina.com.cn/i/2006-02-16/1656843434.shtml  then http://s.it.sohu.com/20070302/n248455302.shtml All the money seems to be

now, in the capital has not been fulfilled under the premise of the 58 city crisis. The first is to modify the program to do the original version, remove a lot of links in the search suffer. Currently 58 of the traffic is still in decline.


  especially when key financing appear off the chain, lean, is the greatest impact of each network company, high-level departure once the NetEase 163 in financing before close out wage situation, many companies such as pop have also appeared in such an embarrassing situation.. In a lot of Web2.0 classification information flourishing third years, the problem will gradually appear. All classified information, are also walking on the cliff. Like cool and have been happy to flood tide web2.0.