dao123.com current home (static picture), shows the style of the electricity supplier shopping guide website.


click on the two page (static picture), displayed as a commodity in the major electricity supplier website search results style.


technology news March 28th afternoon news, Sina Technology inquiry, the Jingdong has purchased and record dao123.com ("123"), the site currently as a static picture type electricity supplier shopping guide website, intends to enter the electricity supplier shopping market. Jingdong declined to comment.

is currently only two into the dao123.com by a static picture of the page, home for the electricity supplier shopping guide website style, the level of the page for the goods in the major electricity supplier website search results of the style of. User login location is displayed as Hello, Jingdong members, but the navigation and search results include Jingdong, Taobao, vip.com and other electricity providers website.


dao123.com Ministry of information for the record, belonging to Jingdong, the name of diversion network, etc..


dao123.com Whois website information, attributable to Jingdong.

query the website of the Ministry of the record and the Whois website information, the results are pointing to the Jingdong (Jingdong of Beijing three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd), the name of the site as "diversion net (network shopping network; 123)", also shows that the use of shopping website.

information from the current perspective, the Jingdong built this site not only for the purpose of electric navigation, combined with some electricity supplier website is more likely to build alliances, become vertical search engine providers, increase and sharing traffic, thus reversing the situation by Baidu and other ordinary commodity search search.

Sina Technology call Jingdong, the other said it declined to comment. (Ya Nan)