for running the mobile phone WAP site facing losses, and in September last year, will be the site of "transformation" for providing pornographic content of pornographic websites. The day before, " WAP" mobile phone website owners Chen, on suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, Putuo Procuratorate approved the arrest.

in November 30th last year, a telecommunications operator to the police report, they found in a routine check, a server hosted in the emergence of a large number of pornographic content, and wireless WAP website domain name "", providing access to mobile phone user login.

police immediately launched an investigation, identified in the server has 168 pictures, 503 e-books, 195 pornographic video Department of obscene publications. Only in the case of the 3 days of November, the mobile phone WAP site visits have reached more than 37 times. After the coordination of relevant departments, the police eventually locked the site behind the founder – who lives in Anhui, Huainan Chen, and in December 11th will be arrested.

after a preliminary review, Chen rented the server as early as 2007, opened a wireless image site, and rely on the click of the built-in advertising to get returns. But more than a year of operation, the amount of a visit to the site, advertising revenue is difficult to maintain the server hosting costs. In September 2009, when the server hosting the two-year contract is about to expire, Chen will move from the "transformation" of the crooked brains, he opened another site "" on the server from a remote upload home a lot of content on the web and implanted in advertising to attract users to click.

to evade law enforcement inspection, Chen also set up server mechanism to avoid the ordinary mobile phone users access and inspection of law enforcement departments to distinguish, then its location to pornographic Web sites and sites were normal. Sure enough, click on the website surge, through the built-in advertising page click into, Chen also therefore profit from more than 3000 yuan.

according to the "criminal law" provisions, constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, electronic information, people will depend on the spread of pornographic materials is the highest hits, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment or life imprisonment, a fine or confiscation of property. This also means that once the details of the case was eventually identified Chen, it may pay a high price for their behavior.