first_img“That’s not the avenue that we want to go down,” said Captain Kate Newcomb from the Broome County Sheriff’s Office. “We want people to fully comply with the order, but if push comes to shove and it gets to be a position where we have to take action, we can arrest somebody under the New York State Executive Law.” Captain Newcomb says besides a Binghamton bar violating the state’s shutdown mandate of non-essential businesses, residents have been staying within the lines. She added while the streets may be quieter with businesses limiting to delivery or take-out options only and people staying in their homes, they still have patrols out on the job. The new laws can be easy to forget, since we’re not used to having things such as lockdowns or curfews. However, if you don’t follow these rules, you can still run into trouble with law enforcement. (WBNG) — With new laws being set to protect people from this pandemic, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office is reminding everyone to follow the rules. Newcomb says her department had to adjust quickly to these new laws just like the public did. Newcomb says extra patrols are checking in on buildings of businesses to make sure they are safe while the owners are away. She says overall, people seem compliant, and she hopes it stays that way through this pandemic.last_img