today’s network has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives, almost became a network without life trend, driven by such a large environment, the local community website quietly born. Because the local community website has the advantages of low cost and imitated, leading to its development and gradually form such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like liaoyuanzhishi. In the Internet field, big and small local community website too many to count final and precise, but does not affect people’s lives, the root cause of this phenomenon is the local community website create easy operation to


recently Wang Feng, director of community operations in Shanghai to share the operation of some local community sites, which focused on the importance of looting activities.

grab floor activities, in short is to provide some of the more attractive prizes, so users posted a reply rob building post at a certain time, as long as the reply just before the provisions in the floor, you can win. Rob building for the website can start from grab in front of the building, rob building and rob three stages.

grab the floor before the big promotion to attract a large number of users

grab in front of the building of big promotion can not be ignored, in the activities to registered members notice, they can further improve the site popularity, will feel fresh and interesting website. Often organize activities site with every day compared to the site is immutable and frozen obviously! In addition, with a rob building activities to the outside, because the rob building itself free characteristics, each rob building promotion can attract a considerable number of a number of new users to register, ease to achieve their increased registered members;

rush to grab the floor when the site to promote the flow of

grabs the building during the site at the same time the number of online and the number of posters will create a record in an instant, all the participants will not stop to reply, is a great improvement on the site and post the total pv. Because in a short time under enormous pressure to the server, the site of the reaction will be slowed down, but because of this, the involvement of the user can feel the number of many sites, feel the fun activities, and will be more efforts to participate! Each time the rob building will make the site Alexa ranking has made great progress.

rob follow-up attention to enhance the well-known


after the end of the floor, the results of the statistics need a certain amount of time, all the participants will be concerned about the results of the release of the announcement, so that older users are more loyal to the site, new users are also gradually understand the site. After the results were announced, the winner will be happy, and constantly to their friends and family to recommend this site, thus attracting new users. Winners do not have the heart unwilling, but also will be invited to participate in the next round of their own to participate in order to enhance the probability of winning. In short, whether it is winning or not winning, will continue to focus on the site in the next time, whether there is a new rush to grab the activities, these are some of the site’s hidden publicity, in the invisible to their own products >