first_img“These are people older than 60+ who came exclusively to Slavonia. We are located in Đakovo, we visit Slavonian cities, introduce them to the local way of life, the offer of local wines and local gastronomy. The first day is planned in Osijek and Valpovo, the second day Đakovo and surrounding villages, and after that there is a tour of Vukovar and Ilok, then Baranja, Kopački Rit and Karanac”Weinpert points out and adds that Slavonia has a huge tourist potential, but that we need synergy and to start dealing with market development. He also adds that it is absolutely possible to bring tourists from Germany to Slavonia, among other things, they have shown this concretely, and that the guests are delighted with what they have seen so far. Last year, the tourist agency Pointers Adriatic from Osijek was founded, the goal of which is to bring organized tourist groups from Germany exclusively to Slavonia.  Pointers shows that the digitalization of destinations (raising visibility), which is one of the business segments of the company, leads to the desired goal, which is the arrival of not only individual tourists but also the arrival of organized tourist groups. Specifically, the first tourist bus that came thanks to the Pointers Adriatic agency is just touring Slavonia, and they are located in Đakovo as a central place or “Heart of Slavonia” from which they travel every day along and across Slavonia. “The German market is a huge potential that Slavonia can and should use to activate its economic activities. Our common goal in the future is to organize as many such trips as possible, which we believe that together we will realize”Concludes Weinpert. Cover photo: TZ Đakovo / Photo by Maja, Photo: Pointers Adriatic / Group visiting Osijekcenter_img By the way, Pointers is known for digitizing tourist destinations through an excellent application Pointers, whose project is also recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and ITB Berlin, and recently founded the aforementioned travel receptive agency for Slavonia. This trip is focused on enogastronomy as a tourist product, tasting traditional delicacies, Slavonian wines and the culture and history of the area, getting to know the life, work and sights of this part of Croatia, says Krunoslav Weinpert, owners of Pointers Adritic from Osijek. The result of this work is the arrival of the first luxury bus with 38 tourists from Berlin targeted to Slavonia, who are currently touring the same. During the six days of their stay, from 18 to 23 March 2019, they will be introduced to the most important tourist destinations in Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. “For the first time we are more active in the direction of the German market and we are actively involved in bringing tourists from Germany directly to Slavonia. I spent five months in Germany and founded a travel agency in Berlin (Pointers International) exclusively with the aim of bringing German tourists to Slavonia. I claim that only we can bring more than 50 buses to Slavonia every year, we just need synergy and that the marketing budget is invested, ie directed so that it results in activities that will surely bring the mentioned number of buses to Slavonia. I know I can do that and I stand strongly behind that statement”Emphasizes Weinpert.last_img