first_imgTourists are offered the product in the form of trays that they can consume immediately or as a package that they can take with them. “Throughout my work, I emphasize the importance of association and networking, and Savičenta brunch is a good example. We are stronger together, and here the cooperation of the private (Hotel Amfiteatar, SAS bookkeeping & consulting, 360 Agency, local family farms), public (Municipality of Svetvinčenat) and civil sector (Start-Up Association) gave excellent results”, Points out Hadžipašić and adds:”Apart from Zembe and me, I would certainly single out the head Igor Macan, who from the very beginning was involved in shaping and supporting the realization of the idea and without him Brunch would not have been able to realize it. Ivan Milovan from the Culinary Development Center Amphitheater also provided great help in shaping the final product.” Through the use of current potential and the development of new ones, the main goal is to create an authentic tourist product that would be offered to the tourist market and thus enrich the offer of the municipality, according to the participants. Amel Hadžipašić and Denis Zembo “Savičenta Box” contains local groceries and products packaged in one product that is not only a gastronomic specialty, but also an authentic souvenir. The products included in the package are Campanola sakramenska bira, olive oil Latini, lavender from the family farm Pekica, dry Istrian sausage from Boris Orlić and homemade cheese from the family farm Macan. It is a project that was conceived within the Start-Up Academy in Svetvincenat at the end of last year. The project has since been developed in cooperation with the Municipality of Svetvinčenat, the Culinary Development Center Amphitheater and many local family farms. “The idea for Savičenta Brunch was born during last year’s Start-Up Academy in Savičenta, organized by the Start-Up Association. The academy gathered the best stories of Istrian tourism in one place, so one such idea was actually a logical continuation”, Said Amel Hadžipašić and added that his idea academies was to bring together the best of tourism in one place with the aim of encouraging new collaborations and projects. Zembo “stole the show” at the academy and his genius, along with my long-term cooperation with the Municipality of Svetvinčenat and entrepreneurs from tourism, resulted in the idea for Brunch.”Hadzipasic emphasized. Finally, Hadžipašić emphasized that the product will be offered to restaurants in the municipality, but also in the whole of Istria. “The official presentation of the product and its launch on the market is expected in the coming months. It is conceived that Brunch is offered in catering facilities in Savičenta and throughout Istria. The box would be available to tourists in holiday homes, and at a couple of points of sale in the Municipality.”center_img An extremely interesting tourist product is exactly what can present the local gastronomic offer, and the rates of this project should certainly be followed by other Croatian counties in order to strengthen their identity and authenticity, but also the tourist offer. At the Pula conference Inspire Me, a new innovative project called “Savičenta Brunch” was presented and the gastronomic product “Savičenta Box” was presented on the same occasion. When asked if there are plans for additional packages within the project, Hadžipašić points out that they certainly exist. “We immediately supplemented Brunch with Savičenta Box, in order to connect the story with tourism and use the huge tourist potential of Savičenta. What certainly makes me happy is that many caterers throughout Istria are showing interest in being included in the offer, and other communities that want us to design a similar thing have also recognized the potential.” The initiators of the project are Amel Hadžipašić and Igor Macan and master chef Deniz Zembo, the author of the dish and the owner of the Hotel Amfiteatar. The official presentation of the product as well as its launch on the market is planned in the coming months. Source / photo: Inspire Me / HrTurizam.hrlast_img