industry exhibition has decades of development history, has an irreplaceable role in the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, between enterprises can make a face-to-face conversation, can let the target customers really see the products. Understanding, communication and cooperation for new friends never met the industry platform, provide Xujiu, enhance mutual understanding and cooperation opportunities for the industry to build the brand image of his old friend, the latest products, build a platform for enterprises to display the best. At least in the future for a long period of time, the exhibition industry is irreplaceable, it will be with the network, media together as 3 important channels of enterprises in the future B2B marketing. The majority of exhibitors for the industry in large enterprises, corporate executives, sales staff, marketing staff, technical staff of the audience throughout the industry, a successful exhibition industry is the industry professionals understand the status quo and trend of the development of the whole industry window.

B2B industry Web site of the customer groups and Industry Exhibition exhibitors are the same, the audience is likely to be the site of the user, it may be the site’s customers. Some people often ask me: Li Xuejiang, what do you think is the best way to promote the B2B industry website, I think, for most of the industry website, the best way to promote the line to participate in the exhibition. Because the B2B industry website to participate in the exhibition, not only can show the business website, strength, more important is to enhance the credibility of the site, let potential customers to see the real site team members attended the exhibition in the exhibition, after making thematic, let visitors see the exhibition live, enhance your credibility, build brand awareness, enhance the brand influence. At the same time, there is no conflict between the B2B industry website and the exhibition, respectively, to provide online and offline services, can complement each other. This section is mainly about how to find a suitable exhibition, how to establish cooperation relations, and show how to do marketing, in the exposition of how to do marketing at the end of the exhibition, I hope to business B2B industry websites have some help.

1 how to find, select the right exhibition, and establish a cooperative relationship

this is relatively simple, the key is to understand the site B2B industry belongs to industry, only to analyze the exhibition industry, looking for the exhibition industry website, and analysis the exhibition exhibitors and visitors, the exhibition strength, can know whether it is possible to establish cooperation.

A Industry Exhibition category analysis, determine the participation of those types of exhibition

we take part in the show, usually in the middle and lower reaches of B2B industry site, such as the apparel industry, upstream yarn Exhibition: exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, fabric accessories and other textile machinery exhibition, the exhibition in the middle and lower reaches: clothing brand OEM brand exhibition, exhibition, conference, brand ordering etc.. These exhibitors, the audience and the site may be the customer, the browser coincidence, as long as the user has coincidence, can be used as the selection of objects.

B looking for relevant exhibition tips, so that you quickly find all industry exhibition