first_imgThis time of year in MLB you hear announcers say “should the team buy or sell before the trading deadline?”   What they are really saying is “can this team win now or do they need to rebuild the franchise?”  Doing this rebuilding will take a minimum of 4 years.  What you first do is sell off veterans from your team and replace them with low minor league prospects from the team you sold the veteran to.  During the off-season you sign more free agent veterans and do the same thing to them the next year.  (Sell them off and replace with minor leaguers.)   This will give you more minor league prospects to fill your franchise with “can’t miss” ball players.You go at least 3 years doing this and you hope by the end of that 3rd year a good number of these young prospects have either made your major league team or are very close to making the major league team.  You then stick with these young players until they turn into all-stars–you hope!  Only the New York Yankees have ever been able to buy enough veterans to win pennants immediately.  Most teams do not have this kind of money to spend.Once you fill your minor league with good ball players, you should be set for years to compete at the top level.  Cincinnati did this after Marge Schott sold the team.  Now they are at the brink of “can they still win or do they need to start over again?”last_img