first_imgLOCAL practical shooters were for the second year given an opportunity to participate in a Sport Shooting competition, which was exclusively sponsored by Dental Imports Guyana Inc. (DIG Inc.) and hosted by the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF).When the dust settled, first place in the Limited division went to Ryan McKinnon (345.3381 points), followed by John Phang (331.0934 points) and Pravesh Harry (287.3179 points).In the Production division, first place was won by Andrew Phang (347.6693 points) followed by Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon (307.1555 points) and Dallas Thomas (235.1131 points).Match Director Mr David Dharry in declaring the match open, welcomed participants to what promised to be an exciting afternoon with five dynamic fun stages.Everyone converged on the ‘Peekaboo’ stage as one squad that began with shooters standing in a relaxed position, heels touching rear fault lines of the stage.A magazine was inserted in the handgun but chamber empty. Upon start signal, shooters had to engage the 4 paper targets as they became visible and run a few feet forward to finally peek around a barricade to engage the 3 remaining poppers.After warming up by completing the first stage, shooters proceeded to a starkly different stage called ‘No Rush’ which comprised 4 paper targets but 6 no-shoot targets surrounding them, which caused participants to take their time after turning to face downrange when the start-signal was given.Things then turned a little lively after that particularly tense stage, as everyone proceeded to the ‘Bolero’ stage, which started with the participants all standing in Zone A, facing up range, with all their magazines placed on a barrel.Upon start signal, shooters had to retrieve unloaded handgun placed on a table behind them or choose to retrieve the magazines first then engage all targets which were 7 paper targets and 2 plates.This stage saw shooters engage targets as if dramatically and technically dancing the Spanish bolero with different techniques/moves executed.The fun did not end there, as shooters then proceeded to what was declared a fun stage: Afternoon Jog. In this stage as shooters started out with a loaded and holstered handgun, upon start signal they had to move/jog to various locations to engage 6 paper targets, 2 poppers and 2 plates.The afternoon’s competition ended on the ‘Fiesta’ which was a very colourful stage, which saw shooters on starting position stand with a sombrero on his/her head, face uprange with hands touching marks on the wall.Holstered handgun was loaded and chamber empty. Upon start signal, shooters had to engage targets with the provided sombrero on shooter when engaging targets. This stage comprised 11 paper targets, 2 no-shoot and 2 poppers.last_img