version of the "fortune" magazine recently wrote a thorough analysis of the whole process of hacking SONY pictures, SONY should be able to avoid the hackers. The article is based on interviews with more than 50 interviews with SONY’s current and former executives (all of whom insist on refusing to name their names), cyber security experts and law enforcement officials. To a large extent, this article is also based on hackers exposed SONY internal mail and various documents. Hollywood also provides business a lot of information to see SONY pictures in hacker attacks after: personal leadership of the company, and the parent company in Japan in twenty-first Century and the entertainment industry challenges increased pressure.


mail also shows many amazing things and have not been previously reported anecdotes, such as how SONY spying on your e-mail. It is interesting to note that these emails and documents that are publicly available by hackers provide a window to describe why the hacking was successful and how the company could protect itself.

attacker asked SONY to compensate for loss of

SONY pictures of the management and staff at a start is not clear who is attacking them, and attack will cause what kind of consequences. In November 24th, the company for the first time publicly responded, but just an understatement: "we are investigating the IT event."


invaders clearly revealed their intentions with rolling subtitles, but also showed a bright red skull. It reads "Hacked By (#GOP #GOP)," and made the following warning – "we have warned you, but this is only the beginning. If we can not meet the requirements, we will not let go. We have to get you all the data, including your general secrets and confidential information. If you do not meet our requirements, we will display the following public data."

What exactly does

mean by following our requirements, no one knows for sure. Hackers later in the e-mail sent to some reporters claiming to be "peacekeeper" (Guardians of Peace), but in the beginning they also of another organization said: "thank you very much God ‘sApstls, because you have made great efforts for world peace."

later found that in the 3 days before the SONY computer system was black, God ‘sApstls’ had sent Layton, Pascal and other SONY executives sent an e-mail asking them to give compensation. Mail wrote, "SONY pictures caused a great loss to us. We ask you to pay for it, and it must be money. We make up for the loss, otherwise, SONY pictures will be a comprehensive attack. You know us well. We’ll never wait too long. You better be smart." These apparently threatening messages do not specify the amount of damages. According to SONY spokesman Lawson revealed that SONY executives then the customer