this winter is especially cold and long, and 2009 to global financial crisis brought about by the economic cold wave lining. Also affected the domestic known as "digital real estate" of the IDC industry and the development of lower than expected, but the rigid demand for information and 3G of mobile Internet, making 2009 spent in stable, the market size of about 6 billion 600 million yuan.

at present, the IDC industry has entered a critical period of industrial upgrading, more and more wide range of services, industry development continues to deepen, the future growth is still large. At the same time, we see that in 2009 the domestic IDC industry has experienced the following second rounds of 8 years after the reshuffle, service providers from more than 1000 reduced to less than 300, the market integration emerged about 50 large companies, such as the Internet, ChinaNetCenter 35 successful landing of the gem, more companies listed overseas ambition brewing. A new round of integration of the IDC industry is inevitable, the analysis can be attributed to the following three reasons.

one is the impact of the financial crisis on the Internet, the Internet, the total investment in the mobile Internet industry. Over the past year, due to the outbreak of the financial crisis, so that the risk of investment depends on the economic environment is destroyed, the development of the domestic network users website, network game, network video and other new media impact is not small, the prosperity of the 08 Olympic year show gone. The thousand IDC service providers through the harsh winter, the economic downturn, shrinking business, makes a number of competitive services finally had to opt out of the market.

two is the national nine ministries smitten with clean up pornographic and mobile phone Internet content, deepen the administrative supervision. For mobile site access, server layers of sublease, mobile phone charges and other key aspects of the domain name, such as yellow, large-scale remediation action continued for a year, can be described as unprecedented, very determined. Thoroughly clean the various ills since the development of the Internet for 12 years, is currently in a critical stage second. With a large number of jurisprudence, illegal websites, the page is closed, shielding, record management, domain name management white list system and the Ministry of new orders issued 5 "telecommunications business license management approach" strictly implement, which do not have the qualifications and the illegal operation of the service provider by clear out of the market.

three is the IDC business has been transferred from the resource consumption type to the application service upgrade. The three major domestic carriers and the main service providers have to SaaS, cloud computing, network security management service comprehensive communication service transformation, simply relying on the resource price competition of life service providers are eliminated.

2010 the domestic economic recovery, "triple play", 3G will stimulate the industry of information technology and broadband Internet, the rapid development of mobile Internet, as application of information technology and Internet content hosting platform IDC will play an important role. At the same time, it also shoulders the task of how to seek innovation in 3G networks, cloud computing, networking and other opportunities and challenges.

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