inquiry platform promotion believe everyone is familiar with, in a few large Q & a platform is Baidu know the most authoritative, its popularity is also one of the best. But on the whole the price is concerned, Baidu know is not the highest, because it is very strict audit mechanism, with a lot of questions and answers hyperlink will be deleted, serious or even by the title, URL. Because of these reasons, pushing more and more are moving into search ask. Soso Ask the Tencent under the quiz platform, hundreds of millions of QQ users is one of his richly endowed by nature resources, and Q & a platform with QQ binding inadvertently can boost publicity. The most important is, answer the chain and add audit mechanism without Baidu know so strict, these points are decided by Soso Ask became the promotion site Q & a good choice platform. Of course, the promotion of some basic precautions you need to follow, according to the author in Search ask every Friday day promotion experience, is to talk about the promotion of three steps.

first step: registration, classification and training account. This step is the most easily overlooked link, although this link is simple, but accidentally will affect the subsequent stage, so be careful. Soso Ask the account is actually QQ account in advance at the time of the application should be asked and answers in separate accounts, dedicated to organize a group account answer, another batch of questions. Then choose one or two from the account to answer the training. In the "raise" stage can choose their own hobbies or more concerned about the question to answer. If you encounter a problem can be found on the Baidu search in advance, and concise into a paragraph. This is not only to meet their own needs and to meet the requirements of the party. It should be noted that the training of high-level account is not a matter of one or two days, the need for long-term accumulation, the answer can not be too frequent every day, perseverance is the truth.

second step: the site of the property location, to find the appropriate classification

is well known, the classification of Tencent Q & a platform is very clear, which requires you to promote the site according to the content of the corresponding attributes. My site is the program of the supermarket, and the software class, according to the attribute category is the choice of computer / digital, and computer / digital is subdivided into more than and 10 categories. In these more than and 10 categories, the most suitable for the promotion of the software I stand, then identify and lock it. It is important to look for property categories to be flexible. As I stand is corresponding to the category of software, but the station also includes web pages, Internet and other points, so you can think of them as the second areas of concern. In order to ensure the promotion effect, the problem must be in the correct category.

third step: two ways to achieve formal promotion: to answer and answer other questions

in front of all the bedding is for this link, and the promotion is divided into two ways.

1, said

never underestimate the answer or answer questions, Party A is not in place it will affect the whole problem of audit, skillfully should link is the need for technical content or experience.