first_imgLiberia’s football chief’s latest announcement to name the proposed football house and construct a bronze statue in honor of George Weah, in front of it is commendable.Last month, the long overdue technical center for the 58 years old Liberia Football Association was dedicated by Vice President Joseph N. Boakia in honor of George M. Weah.In front of 50 stakeholders, and in the presence of FIFA West Africa Development Officer John Sampon Kablan and CAF 1st Vice President Malhmy Kabele Camara, Mr. Bility made the second announcement.There are many of us who are wondering the motive for Mr. Bility’s efforts to pour favors on George Weah? Does he want to use Weah to gain relevance with CAF and FIFA?Or is Bility honoring Ambassador Weah for his football stint?Without argument, Mr. Weah was one of the leading lights in the 1990s, and he remains a superstar in Africa. Although he never had the opportunity to grace the FIFA World Cup finals, Weah made up for it with a successful club career.And also without argument, there are other prominent former Liberian footballers who made incredible successes that deserve equal recognition.A former footballer in the 70s, Benedict Nyankun Wesseh (Mama Musa) has written about the need to even change the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex into any of those who were the torchbearers in the 1960s.However, the late president’s invaluable contribution to soccer is yet to be rivaled and as a result Wesseh’s argument has not been received well.It will make sense for Mr. Bility to demonstrate a sense of nationalism by checking into the archives of Liberian football and plug a name that will bring Liberian soccer history to the youths.What about Josiah N. Johnson? There is no Liberian living who has sacrificed his life to Liberian football than the good old Josiah N. Johnson.Josiah Johnson is an epitome of Liberian soccer history, and he deserves a recognition that marches his love for Liberian football.What about James Salinsa Debah, one of the greatest Liberian footballers in memory? It was Josiah N. Johnson who nurtured these soccer heroes.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img