first_imgStabroek Market vendor relocationWith the recent decision by Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown to relocate vendors from Stabroek Market to facilitate a ‘face lift’, City Hall has assured that there will be a smooth transition of vendors to the new spot.Vendors removing their belongings from the vending spotsThis is according to Town Clerk Royston King, who spoke with Guyana Times on Monday while overlooking the operations at the Market.With the contention being raised by a number of vendors concerning the relocation process, King informed that there will be a smooth transitioning to the new location, south of Parliament Buildings, guaranteeing that vending will be resumed in a short span.He added that thus far, there has been maximum cooperation from vendors who are indeed conscious of what this cleanup campaign means for the country as it aims towards achieving a “green and clean environment”.“The transition is smooth, we are very happy that we were able to get the full cooperation of the vendors. They helped us to take down some of the stalls and structures; they have helped us to clean up and are continuing this. We are very proud that they understand what we are doing.” King related.Commenting on the threats by some vendors that they would return to their initial vending spots today, regardless of the warnings by M&CC, King said City Hall is unfazed by this since many supporters are advocating for them and will discourage this nature of resistance.Since the announcement had been made that vendors would be temporarily relocated, a number of concerns had been raised, including the possibility of rental fees being charged.King confirmed this, stating that with the new facilities that will be set up at the location, vendors will be required to pay a small fee for vending. However, he did not disclose the amount.“We will be asking vendors for a small contribution to sustain these works and even move forward to developing it to another level. However, the fee would not be so burdensome that they would not be able to manage it.” He added.The new location in its completion is expected to be equipped with lighting, security and sanitary facilities for vendors.Meanwhile, when this publication visited Stabroek, despite the heavy downpours earlier that day, city constables were continuing to dismantle and remove stalls with the aid of some vendors.One of the vendors who spoke with this newspapers said he is in full agreement of the move by M&CC since it is due time that the market square is revitalised.The man said that given M&CC has adequate facilities at the new spot, he is more than willing to cooperate.With the increase of crimes especially in that area of the city, City Hall holds the belief that with the relocation and ‘face lift’ there will be a significant reduction in those crimes.Only last week, persons vending at the Stabroek Market Square were informed of the decision by the administration to have them relocated so that the area could be rehabilitated.The announcement however got mixed responses from the vendors, some of whom were in agreement of the initiative, while others lambasted the government for abandoning elections promises.Some vendors expressed the concern that government has taken this decision as it seeks to “nice up” the city for foreigners, but totally ignoring the plight of Guyanese who ply their trade outside Stabroek Market, many of them being single-parents.Many vendors accused government of only enticing them to vote for the coalition, and now they are casting them away and seeking to satisfy the desires of foreigners who were not here to vote for the coalition.Other disgruntled vendors have said that the move will severely affect their earning potential since the new location is within a remote area. This they say will further shorten their already dwindling earnings.It was not disclosed by City Hall when this cleanup campaign would end and when vendors would return to their initial vending spots.last_img