first_img“We will have the summer to coordinate something for an indoor range over the winter,” he says. “It’s nice that we have a little bit more time. However, knowing that our options are limited already, it kind of holds us back a little bit.”Harper says the new space will not need to include any strict measurements or specifications; it just has to include the proper distance for regulation archery, as well as include necessary safety zones and allow public access.Reaction from members hasn’t been too positive, as Harper says his archers and the board members aren’t too happy to shut down the club for a month.”So far it looks like that, which really hurt, especially with the kids program going on,” he admits. “We kind of knew one day that it might happen, so we are taking it in stride.”Advertisement Luckily, because the members compete in locations around the city other than the Totem Archery Club, upcoming competition schedules for the summer don’t have to change.Despite some changes indoors, it will be business as usual for the Totem Archery Club once May rolls around, as the club will continue to practice and hold programs at the outdoor range. Curtis Harper, President of the Totem Archery Club, says the Club has until the end of March to find a new indoor location.Harper says it hasn’t been easy tracking down a new range.”We are still trying to look but unfortunately with our budget and what we do, we are limited. We are still searching.”- Advertisement -Luckily, archery is a sport that can take place in the great outdoors, something the Totem Archery Club takes advantage of in the summer season with an outdoor range set up just outside the city.However, with the club having to find a new home for April, and the outdoor range opening in May, Harper says they may have to shut down for a month.He adds, though, that having the outdoor range will alleviate some pressure to immediately find a replacement range.Advertisementlast_img