first_imgThe Senator does concede that the current system isn’t perfect, but it is easy to understand and participate in.STV will be on the ballot again Tuesday May 12th and will only pass if 60% of voters approve of the proposal. Senator Richard Neufeld has come out against the Single Transferable Vote System.In an editorial published Monday in the Alaska Highway News the Senator is encouraging local residents to vote against the proposal in the STV referendum Tuesday.The Pro-STV website states that there would be a higher chance of minority governments being formed, thus forcing coalition governments.  The Senator believes this could cause more frequent elections rather then the current system of every four years.- Advertisement -The Senator is also concerned about the size of the new ridings in the province as the current 85 will shrink to 20.  Senator Neufeld is worried that we could be in a riding with Prince George and end up with people from that community representing our riding.According to the Elections BC website, under the proposed STV system, Fort St. John would be in a riding that only includes the communities currently within Peace River South and Peace River North.Neufeld goes on to say that with STV, smaller parties that get only 10 percent of the vote, could get 10 percent of the seats in the legislature and in his opinion, why should a party retain a seat if they only get 10 percent of the vote.Advertisementlast_img