if your goods or services are popular, goods or services at the same time compared to the homogeneity of your goods or service is not what disadvantage, you also have enough capital strength, so you don’t need to read this article. According to the Internet marketing inherent routine, large-scale burn is enough.

but not many enterprises or companies have such huge scale of funds, unless you are a Alibaba or Tencent, it can freely support burn taxi drops and quick taxi users like this battle. The market is very cruel, you not only in their own fight, and constantly improve their products and services, but also to continue to compete with competitors on the market, as much as possible to seize market share.

Internet era, the market has changed, if you still stay in the traditional business thinking, then your outcome is only one, that is to be out of the market. If you want to do Internet marketing, then you need to start with some of the traditional business model of thinking out of the past, with a new attitude to embrace the internet.

do marketing know, is now a market segmentation era, especially the emergence of the Internet, the consumption habits of the crowd, the information receiving mode and so on are subversive. If you want to do Internet marketing, then you must have an accurate understanding of the internet.

then the Internet has characteristics which we should pay attention to? Compared with the traditional business environment, the Internet world is one of the most essential change is to make information dissemination channels once released, or it can be said without much restriction, everyone enterprises can be free to disseminate information on the internet. But it is also the freedom of this spread is not limited, to a certain extent, created a big explosion of information.

in such a context, the characteristics of the Internet crowd has undergone great changes. First of all, a person’s energy or the reception of the information is limited, the person’s head after all, it is so big, but he is faced with a lot of information in the update. This has resulted in the first fact, that is the face of massive information, people will know what to do, unlike the traditional era of information channels are limited, that the limited amount of information. The average processing time on each piece of information is greatly reduced, which means that the sensitivity of the Internet crowd information has been greatly weakened because of this huge amount of information. A simple example of your past from TV or newspaper or outdoor advertisements about one second time access to the advertisement information to your impression than the same time you are on the Internet advertising information accidentally exposed to the deep impression to many, it is for this reason.

such a fact that, if you just follow the traditional way in some popular media and advertising can make the method of product market it has completely become the past, of course, you can, as long as you have enough money, you can maintain for a long time.