WeChat promotion skills a lot, before the promotion to WeChat for a rough understanding, think about how to use WeChat promotion, to find suitable ways, naturally handy, according to the method of sum up their share to you as a reference.

1, first of all, WeChat know this platform, what is the purpose of the development of the WeChat platform, WeChat and micro-blog have the wrong understanding is used to develop new client platform, WeChat is actually the main function to maintain customer and enhance customer relationship marketing platform, based on the users of your business or products have a certain understanding will pay attention, so if you want to rely on WeChat to find new clients as micro-blog.

2, identify their content and style, to create new styles, more interesting and creative. Give yourself a number of WeChat’s distinctive role, through the characters to communicate with users, increase the user’s love and affection, will strengthen the relationship between enterprises and users, through the maintenance of this relationship to consolidate user trust in companies, since users love you and trust you will most willing to produce consumption.

3, do a good job is also very important to guide the contents of the message to the customer, to skillfully use the text push, but also to remind the user through what way to get more information. As we call 10086 customer service number, will be prompted to enter 1 enter 2 what it is, what it is, so welcome information must be added to the boot prompt operation, so that the user will not be all at sea, the risk which can greatly reduce the user to cancel the attention.

4, when some fans user group, to know how to listen to the voice of the user, collect user feedback back, then make a thorough analysis according to the content, according to the custom information user data collected by the user favorite content, so that more users to increase the love and appreciation of enterprise content so, it is also a reputation. Only the content that the user likes is the content of the success. Listening to the user’s needs is a very important and ongoing process.

5, in addition to online promotion means, can also be through in store business line, or shopping malls, roadside public facilities put WeChat two-dimensional code, if the products are affixed with WeChat two-dimensional code is better, but by what to attract users attention, of course, less promotional discounts, but not only, promotional activities can let users always pay attention to you, do not cancel. There should also be regular sweepstakes and constant activity updates.

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