first_imgKapil Sharma and his production team are currently in a terrible fix. The popular comedian who quit Colors’ Comedy Nights With Kapil last month is currently trying to figure out a way to feature the same characters on his new show, reportedly on Sony Entertainment Network, without getting into legal trouble with Colors.According to reports, Kapil and his team obviously want Dadi, Gutthi, Palak and the other popular characters on the new show, but this could mean a  copyright violation as Colors owns the rights to the show and its characters.If they hadn’t realised this may be an issue, they’ve definitely realised it now after CNWK actors Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar were slapped with a legal notice by Colors last week for an upcoming event in which they were planning to perform as Gutthi and Dadi. Sunil, who played Gutthi, and Ali, who played Dadi on theshow, were sent a legal notice by the Colors team prohibiting them from performing as Gutthiand Dadi for a stage show called Da-Bang to be held in Surat onFebruary 19. The Colors team had got wind of the fact that the duo was rehearsing and planning to perform in the get-up of the characters they popularised on CNWK.Also read: Comedy Nights with Kapil’s Dadi and Gutthi slapped with legal notice? According to the notice, Ali can’t dress up as an old lady with greyhair and a jooda (a bun), while Sunil is also banned from wearingribbons that his character Gutthi sported on CNWK. If they do so, itwill call for copyright infringement.advertisementDNA reported that the team is brainstorming on how to create a new show with the same look, feel and character without a breach of contract with Colors. “Kapil’s team can’t have the same characters because Colors owns the rights to the original show on television. The team is taking legal advice to bring back the original characters in avatars that won’t amount to a breach of contract with Colors. Viewers want to see the same characters again. So they have to make sure viewers don’t feel cheated. At the same time, the truth is that the same characters can’t be relocated to Sony. They have to be re-created,” DNA quoted a source as saying.Apparently, the only progress Kapil and his team have made so far is that they have shortlisted 10-15 title options for the new show. Reportedly, ‘Kapil’will be a part of the new name. Comedy Nights With Kapil was jointly conceptualised and produced by Kapil Sharma and Colors. Also read: Has Colors removed Comedy Nights With Kapil episodes from the internet?last_img