technology "

Investment: Qiming

investment amount: 35 million yuan

August 15th, SaaS business services company "technology announced the completion of 35 million yuan B round of financing, the investor is qiming. Xiaoman technology was founded in July 2012, is a focus on enterprise service Internet Co, through cloud computing oriented enterprises to provide SaaS service and productivity tools, help small and medium enterprises to improve the level of management, improve sales force. At present, Xiaoman technology has 4000 corporate clients, the team has 200 people.


2 Betta live

Investment: Phoenix investment and Tencent lead investor, venture deep, fashion capital, Shanghai Qing Cheng, Nanshan investment capital with

investment amount: 1 billion 500 million yuan

Betta live re 1 billion 500 million yuan financing, investment and investment led by the Phoenix Tencent, deep venture, fashion capital, Shanghai (Hongmeng) Qing Cheng, Nanshan capital with the cast, which also hit the broadcast industry, the largest single financing amount. This financing from a $100 million round of financing is only less than 6 months after the completion of this round of financing, has become a fish in addition to several listed platform, first entered the C round of broadcast platform.


3 scream design

Investment: Fu Kun venture, dauge capital

investment amount: 40 million yuan

screams complete the design of 40 million Pre-A round of financing, the investor is a rich venture and dauge capital. Scream design WOWdsgn (Shanghai scream interactive culture media Co., Ltd.) is an original home design D2C electronic business platform. We are designed to present a unique design of the world around the user to provide a better home for the pursuit of high quality life of the high-end crowd.


4 number bean

Investment: Hua Yi capital

investment amount: 4 million yuan

The number of

bean founder and CEO Huang said: non company has completed the $4 million seed round of financing, investment Weihua Yi capital. "The number of beans" to change the traditional accounting agency Chinese only abroad account, launched the "only one set of accounts" emerging financial outsourcing services, based on the information system of business process standardization, can be copied, emerging industry entrepreneurs, providing professional business services, tax consulting and financial software services and, to the Internet as the main marketing channel.


5 U.S. Air Network

investors: million tons of assets

investment amount: RMB

August 15th investment community news, China’s largest internet entertainment service provider