introduction: due to the convenience of mobile Internet era of information transmission, the originality and the topic of advertising in a short time can be widely disseminated. Those cattle X God copywriting is how to make



advertising copy is with economic benefits to business creation, although the same with the help of writer’s writing skills, but ultimately to persuade and guide consumers for the purpose. From this point of view, advertising copy is actually like advertising creativity, who can think who can write, but the result is very different.

primary creative people all know the basic formula for the creation of a copy of the "KISS=Keep ItSweet and Simple", Chinese means "make it sweet and simple" or "simple and sweet", due to several English acronym English happens to be the word "KISS (kiss)", so it is also called advertising "kiss formula". Copywriters should not only have literary talent, but also have the "KISS" type of advertising copy writing skills.

in advertising professional position, will guide the creative ideas of art image, and advertising copywriter (CopyWriter) is the creative ideas in the text, as the text relative to the image plane is more on people’s imagination and space, so that: advertisement should be the ideal business dreamer. The same is "the bridges of Madison County" novels, comic books, and the movie version, version version will have a different feeling, a good writer after the movie film shook his head: beauty is beautiful, but too real.

as a commercial dreamer, advertising copywriter can through the construction of a scene, or weave a plot, with the help of commodity information transfer form and communicate with the audience, and then move the goods to the target consumers, more can consume through the atmosphere to make people emotional up.

If you happen to be

CopyWriter, and all the troubles in the advertisement creation, then congratulations, copywriters with respect to art direction is unlimited potential, master advertising Ogilvy, Weber · Yang, Leo Burnett, Bernbach, Lester, & R are copy origin, until today, many international advertising company the creative director is also the copy from


advertising masters on the creation of advertising copy each hold different views.

Bernbach think: Writing in particular in the structure and form should not be dogmatic, advertising copy does not matter the stable structure, but to see the need to see if it is suitable. He said: I don’t want to my creative team, put the picture above, below into the title, the document on the following, on the other hand, I also don’t say: don’t do that; sometimes no title is appropriate, sometimes with a title is appropriate, sometimes with the company name, trademark then, sometimes if you use the name of the company.