Rabat – The National Meteorological Directorate (DMN) forecasts rain and thunderstorms on the northern plains, the center, the east, the Rif, the Saiss, the Mediterranean, the plateau of phosphates the reliefs of the upper and middle Atlas and the coast north of Safi.Snowfall is also expected on the reliefs of the Upper and Middle Atlas from 1,800 meters. Cloudy weather  is also forecasted between Safi and Tarfaya.Read Also: Cold, Foggy Weather Settles in Morocco on WeekendMinimum temperatures range from  -04 and 16 Celsius degree. Temperature between -04 and 01 Celsius degrees on the reliefs of the Atlas, while temperatures of 01 and 06 degrees Celsius on the Rif, the Eastern Highlands, the South-East. Temperatures between 06 and 11 Celsius degrees are also expected on the Mediterranean, the Saiss, the plans to the west of the Atlas and the north-east and the interior of southern provinces while temperatures of 11 and 16 Celsius degrees are expected on the Atlantic coasts and in the rest of the southern provinces.Maximum temperature ranging from 02 and 08 Celsius degrees are expected on the reliefs, while temperatures of 9 and 14 are expected in the east and the Saiss.Temperatures of 13 and 18  Celsius degrees are forecasted for the northern plains and southeast slopes.Temperatures ranging between 18 and 24 Celsius degrees are expected in the Souss, the southeast, and the southern provinces.