A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 14th news, along with the listing of Alibaba approaching, on the details of the disclosure also attracted more attention. Alibaba yesterday announced a new prospectus for the Alibaba group and small micro financial services group equity and asset purchase agreement, made the corresponding modification, and the 2011 edition of relevant framework agreement immediately terminated.



board of directors of the Alibaba, YAHOO, Softbank, small micro gold clothing and other parties for consideration by the Alibaba group and small micro payment service group equity and asset purchase agreement and the termination of the agreement reached by the parties in 2011. In 2011 the Alipay agreement to pay annually to the Alibaba of the group of 49.9% pre tax net profit to pay for intellectual property licensing fees and software technology services, until Alipay or its holding company is listed or other liquidity matters; Alipay group Alibaba holding company promises to be a one-time cash return in the market. The return of the amount of Alipay in the total market capitalization of listed 37.5%, not less than $2 billion and not more than $6 billion.

according to the latest prospectus, the Alibaba group will share a small micro payment services pre tax profits, rather than the Alipay company. Correspondingly, the Alibaba group to obtain tax profit sharing from the previous version of the agreement Alipay’s 49.9% adjustment to small and micro payment services group 37.5%. Moreover, if in the future Alipay listed Alibaba, can also benefit from china. Under the new agreement, Alibaba will receive at least $9 billion 380 million, no cap.

analysts have said that the sudden update prospectus, is a more significant than the listing of the Alibaba itself, does not rule out the relevant pressure Alibaba. It is worth noting that the agreement will help to reduce the change of 3 years ago, Alipay "from the" Alibaba group, outside of the Ma’s many questions.

according to foreign media reports, Alibaba will be on September 3rd, for two weeks of the 100 roadshow, roadshow will start from Hongkong and Singapore, roadshow across Asia, Europe, North America, the three continents. Finally arrived in New York in September 8th, held the first roadshow in the United states.

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