channel aims to create the most comprehensive Internet IDC most detailed business recommendation platform, and collect and distribute IDC information Daquan, IDC advertising, technology, communication, service, choice for the majority of owners in the purchase of the IDC service provider plays a guiding role and.

although the channel is currently only in the embryonic form of the plan, but I believe that the majority of owners and IDC companies in the attention and support will gradually enrich and play a more practical role.

At the same time, the

channel also welcome IDC join with you for your cooperation to promote our Zunzhi, a general introduction to the title you may bring more valuable business opportunities for you, but also for the owners to provide selection of. We will combine the A5 forum IDC channel  together to create the most complete IDC classification information Daquan, communication, cooperation and win-win, make your business and products in the fish to rise above the common herd, high-quality products and services are recommended to everyone.   welcome advice and valuable suggestions.

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