first_imgAnother hard drive price barrier is breached: $100 for a 2TB portable hard drive. A number of sites have them below $100 including, where $99.99 direct lands you an Iomega Select 2TB external drive with a USB 2.0 connection; some customers got promo codes dropping the price to $89.99 with free shipping. It was little more than half a year ago that the price of 2TB internal hard drives (the drive, no case, no power supply) first fell below $100 (see story).Often when a PC component breaks a price barrier – $100 for a bigger hard drive or larger monitor, $50 or $25 for a rewriteable optical drive, it sets off a surge in purchases and what was a short-term promotion becomes the established selling price. That appears to be the case here, or will be shortly. AdChoices广告Two Buying TipsWith that much capacity, you might want to shop around for an external drive with more than just a USB 2.0 interface. With an eSATA interface you’ll have speeds as good as if you opened up your PC and installed the bare drive inside. Also, not every 2TB drive package contains a 2TB hard drive. In some cases,  you’re getting two 1TB hard drives. That may be an advantage if you want to mirror the drives for 1 TB of really reliable, duplicated storage but more likely you may find yourself with mixed feelings about a bigger enclosure that draws more power and, because there are two drives, not one, higher odds that you’ll have a drive failure sooner or later. These are 3.5-inch hard drives, which means they need a power supply and remain a bit bulky to carry around as extra storage for your laptop PC. For that you want a 2.5-inch external portable drive, where the current maximum capacity is 1TB. And the street price for a 1TB, 2.5-inch portable drive is just over $100. But any day now …last_img