first_imgThe iPhone 5S might be Apple’s current flagship, but it’s not exactly acting like one. It turns out the 5S actually has a bit of a problem with some owners’ apps and they’re crashing twice as often as they do on the humble iPhone 5C.That’s certainly not what you would expect from a device that’s $120 more expensive. Things should run better on the 5S, right? Of course they should. And they will, eventually — as soon as application developers have a chance to update their apps and optimize them for the new hardware inside the iPhone 5S.Developers do get to play with Apple’s impending software releases well in advance of their consumer launch. iOS 7 betas started popping up back in June, so devs had plenty of time to update their apps for the new software. Trouble is, the most recent hardware they had to test it on was the iPhone 5.That’s great news for iPhone 5C owners. They’re essentially using a refreshed version of the iPhone 5 and the trusty old A6 chip. Developers have had plenty of time to work on compatibility and stability. The iPhone 5S is a totally different story. Its 64-bit A7 chip is a new beast, as is the M7 motion co-processor. And because developers don’t get to play with the new hardware until it’s available to the public, they didn’t get a chance to see how their apps would respond to the change until the 5S went on sale.Now that it’s out there, they know. Apps crash roughly 2% of the time they’re launched on the 5S,  compared to 1% on the 5C. Those aren’t huge percentages, but we’re talking about millions of phones and dozens of installed apps. It’s not hard to imagine that there are more than a few irritated iPhone 5S owners out there scratching their heads wondering why their brand new, $700 or $800 phone keeps flipping back to the home screen.last_img