first_img One of the biggest breakthrough Japanese hits of recent years is My Hero Academia (three seasons are available to stream on Hulu), the quirky manga turned anime series about a high school full of aspiring superpowered crimefighters and the various menaces they face. The manga by Kōhei Horikoshi was an instant breakthrough hit both here and in its native country, delivering a clever melding of Western heroic traditions with Japanese teen tropes. If you stan Deku and his classmates, here’s our rundown of the hottest My Hero Academia toys on the market.Izuku Midoriya FigureAlso known as Deku, Izuku Midoriya is the central protagonist of My Hero Academia. When we first meet him, he has yet to develop his Quirk — the unique ability that makes a hero a hero. After proving his mettle, he’s chosen by All Might to receive One For All and draw power from all the previous holders of the ability. He’s a charming and funny main character with a deep moral streak. Banpresto has a whole series of figurines depicting the series’ massive cast, so why not open up with their take on Deku, outfitted in his hero uniform and ready to spring into action and fight for justice.Get it at Amazon.comArtFX Katsuki Bakugo StatueThe deuteragonist of the series, Katsuki Bakugo is a crude and unthinking bully at the beginning, focused on winning at any cost. Over the course of many episodes, though, he finds humility in defeat and becomes a more complex and nuanced character. His Quirk, Explosion, allows him to secrete a nitroglycerine-like sweat from his pores that he can detonate at will, lending massive power to his blows and propelling him through the air at the enemy. This super detailed statue from ArtFX stands six inches tall and replicates all of the design elements of Bakugo’s costume and stance.Get it at Amazon.comAll Might PlushThe big gun of My Hero Academia, All Might is an impossibly muscular American-style superhero who looks a bit like Hulk Hogan in his 80s prime. The bearer of the One For All quirk, he possesses incredible strength, speed and endurance and brings them to bear in his role as No. 1 Hero. If that sounds comforting to you, place an order for this cuddly plush version from Great Eastern. Standing 8 inches tall, he’s made from soft but durable materials and is perfect for a quick comfort cuddle if the villains in your life are getting to be too much to handle.Get it at Amazon.comTsuyu Funko PopOne of the most popular supporting characters of My Hero Academia, Tsuyu Asui is a responsible and loyal young woman with a truly absurd Quirk that gives her all of the abilities of a human-sized frog, from whipping foes with her prehensile tongue to jumping long distances and changing the color of her body for camouflage. Funko has a wide selection of MHA Pops depicting all of the major players, but we dig how they went with a new body sculpt to capture her amphibian stance.Get it at Amazon.comMy Hero Academia: The Card GameExperience all of the action of the hit series with this strategic and fast-moving card game. As the head of an Agency, your task is to recruit the best team of students from My Hero Academia using a number of different actions to manipulate the deck and your opponents’ options. Each round your chosen team must tackle a Mission, and the unique abilities they bring to the table with their Quirks can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s a no-brainer for a fan of the series with plenty of replay value.Get it at Amazon.comArtFX Shoto Todoroki StatueAnother of the series’ popular supporting characters, Shoto Todoroki is a conflicted young man, son of the fire hero Endeavor who was abusive to him as a child. His Quirk is a combination of both his father and his mother — he can generate incredibly low temperatures from one side of his body and incredibly high ones from the other. He deliberately shuns his fire side out of hatred to his father, but breaks it out when things are getting really tough. This is another of Bandai’s ArtFX statues, which means you can expect an anime-accurate sculpt with a pro paint job. The fire effect pieces are removable as well.Get it at Amazon.comChara-Ani Deku StatueIf you want something a little more high-end to show off your fandom, drop some coin on this wildly detailed Chara-Ani statue of Deku as he charges into action. Made by Japanese company Chara-Ani, notorious for their precise detailing and panoply of licenses, the figure stands 8 and a half inches tall and has some truly incredible craftsmanship. Just look at the detail on Midoriya’s hair and how it transitions between shades of green. A ton of work goes into each of these creations and he’ll look totally heroic on your toy shelf.Get it at Amazon.comBellfine Tsuyu Asui StatueLet’s loop back to our favorite frog girl for another take on her heroic adventures. Japanese company Bellfine occupies a unique niche among otaku, creating hyper-stylized statues of primarily female characters from a wide variety of anime, manga and video games. For their foray into the My Hero Academia universe, they made some interesting choices in incorporating English sound effects into the base of Asui’s sculpt, as a watery “SPLASH” accompanies a spout that propels her up into the air.Get it at Amazon.comKatsuki Bakugo NendoroidGood Smile’s Nendoroid figures are some of the most collectible in the Japanese market, spanning a flabbergasting array of media franchises both Eastern and Western. As you’d expect, they have a handful of My Hero Academia characters represented in their iconic big-headed style. Our favorite from the line is their take on the explosive hero Katsuki Bakugo, sculpted here in his public hero costume. Three swappable faceplates let you give him multiple expressions, and he comes with removable translucent plastic explosions and a “BOOM” sound effect to really drive the point home.Get it at Amazon.comABYStyle All Might FigurineThe blonde beefcake with the One For All Quirk returns for another go-round in our lineup of My Hero Academia toys, this time as a statue from European studio ABYStyle. This sculpt leans much further into the traditional American conceptions of costumed heroes, depicting All Might in the same manner as you’d expect to see a Superman or Iron Man. Of course, this is before he passed the Quirk on to Deku and lost his powers, but we’ll remember the good times while we can.Get it at Amazon.comArtFX Ochaco Uraraka StatueKnown by the superhero name Uravity, Ochaco Uraraka is one of the main female leads of My Hero Academia. Her Quirk allows her to make objects weightless by touching them with the pads on her hands, and then restore their mass by pressing her hands together — often with catastrophic results. Bubbly and laid back, she prefers to use her skills to rescue innocents rather than lay the smack down, but when her back is to the wall she can throw down with the best of them. This statue stands 7 inches tall and comes with a pair of interchangeable heads with and without a helmet.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Best Rock & Roll ToysThe Most Terrifying Horror ToysThe Deadliest Assassin’s Creed Toys Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long Stay on targetlast_img