if no one reads your blog post, your mind is like writing on a small paper towel. But if you really want to share your thoughts and ideas, the following tips will help you create a fascinating blog and attract loyal readers.

blog is a new kind of entertainment in the United States – not only in the United States, but also in the world. People of all ages and professions are involved. A personal blog, social blog and professional blog. No matter what the theme, some people may write blog. Some of us get paid in return for blogs, some people pay for the right to write blogs (on specific sites or use special software).

everyone can publish an article to the audience around the world, the Internet makes it possible. Web blog, or blog format makes it more convenient. But not all blogs are the same. Some attract enthusiastic readers, others are left out in the cold. No matter what the reason for your blog, you can make it more perfect, more readable and more popular if you want it.

1: define your target

to make a good blog site, you have to ask yourself why blog. Where is your purpose is to set up a blog? Published his diary, about your experience and thoughts and feelings? Or is the one you used to preserve the idea, plan the list log? Or a social networking site, to communicate with friends and share links with each other, or is the solution? An editorial page, commenting on the political and social trends and events? Or is a professional or hobby sites, or share a technology concept for research or work in the field of information (such as aviation, computer programming or photography)


of course, you can also create a blog that combines all of these content, but you find that readers prefer to specialize in some blogs. If you want to describe your field of expertise on the one hand, on the other hand, would like to talk about the favorite party, then you had better maintain two blogs, so as not to alienate or disturb your readers.

says that an important factor in defining a blog’s purpose is to understand your audience. It helps you determine the appropriate tone and style of writing. If your readers are mainly made up of stockbrokers, you can’t write a blog about the tone of a racing fan.

to be consistent with the blog’s goals, you should have a certain theme. For example, if your purpose is to create a blog to express political views, the theme should be supported by low tax rates, non intrusive government.

2: create visual effects

content is not the only important thing. Your blog will also have visual appeal, or should use neutral colors. You don’t want to scare off potential readers, or let them feel frustrated because the page is confusing,

!The best visual design of

pages should be based on the reader and the theme. You can set the mood by color, font, and picture – but make sure that the tone is inside