I am interested in the site, but I can not programming, not source. Only can change the entire station program, in 2007, I made my personal website, not what the content of the page is simple, no traffic, because no time, there has been no tube site, after 08 years, I have plenty of time on the Internet bubble, I began to care about the station, take the time the website finishing a lot, do some self-help chain to other forums, made a point of junk post promotion, ha ha, does not see the result, every day wandering in dozens of IP, is a real torment, Lantern Festival night, a boring person, ready on the night, found "pornographic" on the Internet in a fire before the Internet, I haven’t heard of it, don’t go with the tide, no way ~ ~, in the online search to easily find a few pictures, Baidu Post Bar, ha ha, I immediately posted to the forum. Then remembered I have seen Baidu Post Bar website promotion article, I decided to practice the effect, the effect is very obvious, I Post Bar in the "pornographic" "Edison Chan" "Cecilia Cheung", I mad forum "pornographic" post connection, some Post Bar not posting, I can click, reply low post reply, ha ha, can not be made, I can’t do it ~ ~ back, day, tired, the bed, open the site to see, is more than and 700 IP, ha ha, it seems not in vain, sleepy occasion, still insist on writing this article, I hope the same food and the webmaster exchanges, master don’t laugh at me, in summary: this promotion method is suitable for novice practice, although this method more tired, more traditional, but does have effect. Finally, I wish all the webmaster friends happy new year, the site traffic increased every day, the site every day to make money long.