recently, VIP students will ask me in the group, the teacher, I want to do, in order to achieve 50 precision fans every day?


for this problem, feel very shocked, one day at this user is not


now I will help them analyze and analyze how to accomplish this task:

The first step of

through the QQ group and industry expert: every day, every 4 hours with 5 people, completed a total of 20 users.

actually, I will share in the previous article, "dry cargo: teach you how to dig to the precision of WeChat users". This article, in fact, a lot of value, but not many people will perform.

some people would say that more friends will be banned, people are too slow for various reasons and reasons not to do so, no one will be willing to perform. In fact, success is often the simplest implementation.

we pass this method every day, do not add too much a day, plus 20 people a day, plus QQ friends, then every once every 4 hours, plus a total of 5 individuals, Tencent may be banned?

adds that this problem is too slow, I would like to ask? What is the fastest way to


I’ll tell you the way it seems to be slow.

second step: borrow WeChat group, every 2 hours plus a total of 4 people, plus a total of 30 users.

through WeChat group plus precision users, I believe a lot of people share. But the real implementation of the people, and can stick to the people, few and far between!

I’m not here to say how to add, I’ll share two tips: how to find a precise WeChat group, I think it should be from a friend want to know it.

A: find a professional WeChat group website.

this method some of the friends, should be aware of such a site. A month ago, I used this method to find a lot of relevant precision users. At that time, I wrapped the site six months VIP members, very cheap.


now this is similar to a lot of sites, we can directly Baidu search keywords: WeChat group, to find the top few sites, pay to join the site VIP members.

you will be able to discover the latest update of the WeChat group every day, we can join the precise group for the first time.

So we

a day and two groups, each group of at least 100 people, we can be divided into 5 days after group membership. Do not add too many people in the same group one day, because WeChat will be limited.

as long as we insist on doing so, we must be able to complete the task of adding 30 people a day.

two: micro-blog and Baidu search to find the WeChat group.

of course, this method, some friends >