fire, WeChat marketing has become a favored marketing companies competing methods, but how to do WeChat marketing? How do the WeChat marketing? What kind of business is suitable for WeChat marketing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat marketing today? Chief marketing consultant pony know the way marketing agencies to share about the problem of WeChat marketing.

WeChat marketing several ways

first we look at several ways of marketing for WeChat, WeChat, the first straight hair, this is well understood, the hair in the micro signal of the target groups concerned, like a member of the site straight. Second, WeChat media operations, like the micro-blog operation, attention through their own content to attract more potential customers, and then push content sent by increasing the viscosity of the user, and the user into a customer, or give us the type of fan loyalty customer. Third, micro site, WeChat internal open developer applications, you can open the development of micro sites or micro shop to promote enterprises. Fourth, combined with other promotions, WeChat two-dimensional code can be applied to a variety of advertising, the user can simply sweep the mobile phone to pay attention to enterprise WeChat, almost so many.

how to do a good job marketing WeChat


analysis of several methods on the previous point of view, WeChat is to choose the right hair micro signal planning, users concerned about the contents of the key in the planning, it is important to have a marketing budget; WeChat operators rely more content planning; another micro site is actually application development, is to assist the promotion, the promotion itself has no effect; combined with other promotions, such as combination with press releases, media advertising combined with flat, short or other costs to boost investment in WeChat.

carefully aftertaste, it seems that the key to do the marketing of WeChat still lies in the content planning, that is, soft Wen planning. WeChat push straight hair that is soft, the original news article is devoted to freely browse the website by the user, is now pushed to the fixed WeChat fans, how do the WeChat marketing? The first WeChat soft paper to be planned well in line with the audience; secondly, WeChat hair numbers have to be properly selected, the target group. The other two kinds of WeChat marketing, in fact, is not the true meaning of WeChat marketing, but with WeChat to marketing.

at present, companies are marketing services to carry out the WeChat marketing, some companies love to exaggerate the effect of the promotion, the WeChat marketing deification, is very responsible. Pony know the way marketing agency in WeChat marketing integration over four marketing methods, according to the actual needs of customers customized solutions, combined with the soft news, video, micro-blog platform to promote WeChat marketing if isolated to do, may be difficult to integrate the ideal effect, can also do more. For example, text, video content planning can use WeChat push, big brand companies can develop micro site to allow more users to more easily understand the business, the use of other advertising WeChat fans, the fans through the WeChat business transformation…… This is a series of marketing.

WeChat brand awareness needs to do better