to write a blog for more experience in the promotion, use independent domain name to write a personal blog also has a year’s time. Write a blog of perseverance, I now basically is the average weekly update about 3 articles. I have been able to persevere in the blog, first of all, interest is one of the main reasons, and there are more reasons, is to write a personal blog to my value.

A: blog, to promote their learning progress. 08 years ago, I worked in the company for the past 3 months SEO, in the past three months, I learned a lot of knowledge of SEO. After leaving the company, there is no chance to continue learning. But since I have my own blog, I have the opportunity to continue learning. Always take their own blog to do a lot of various experiments, so as to let yourself get more SEO experience to write a blog on their own work experience is a summary, let yourself have a precipitation, written down done, so more firmly in mind. Sometimes I don’t go to work for a long time. When I get into a new company, I need to find a new job. I will write a few blogs, and I will remember what I have done before, so that I can find a job soon.

two: write a blog, so that they have a wider network of people, to find a job easier to come to Beijing, in addition to the company’s colleagues, I do not know a few people. Because the blog, so that more people know me. I have a number of foreign QQ number, the light of Beijing’s Internet friends on the addition of hundreds of people. Because of the blog, also let me have the opportunity to know more I want to know. When not writing the blog, others do not understand you, you take the initiative to find some expert, they don’t necessarily speak to you. Because the expert are very busy. But because when I wrote a blog, and then to know these expert, will become a lot easier. Perhaps many of them have read my blog, I have a certain recognition, which is easier to further understanding of communication.

if you do not write a blog, I may still be in the first company in Beijing, unknown to do some of their own things. But since I wrote my blog, I’m not worried about finding a good job. I do not do a good job in the industry to do a good job, the qualifications are not deep. But there are too many Internet companies that need to be promoted in Beijing. Just I was more active on the Internet, so that people know that I am doing promotion, and therefore will always be tempted by some companies, there are a lot of job opportunities to choose from. Often have friends add me QQ, ask me to do promotion business, do not do part-time. For this I have a direct refusal, first of all, I have my own work, and secondly, if I really will be promoted, there is time to do a part-time job, it is better to do their own thing. Time more casual, more able to control their own. To give a simple example, my personal blog and webmaster navigation in PR0, you can exchange so much more than PR5 site links. It is not how much I will flicker, mainly because those responsible for the link, or already is my friend, or just read my blog, I am very familiar with, so it can be so easy to exchange