August 2nd afternoon news, sports data cube yuan technology today announced the acquisition of Chinese culture from the B round of strategic investment, did not disclose details of the transaction. But informed sources told Sina Technology, the investment amount of nearly billion. Cube aspects of that this round of investment will be completed, the sports industry chain in the data connector industry to deep plowing, and start the "multi application" strategy, increase research and development efforts in sports products on big data.

at the same time, also combined with sina sports, cube body aodongli, sports, science and technology, micro whale New England Sports, DDT, Amisco Chinese in China, Mathworks, China NLVC and 10 Ping venture sports companies, data companies and investment institutions initiated the establishment of China’s sports data alliance, trying to integrate resources members of the institutions in the union, the sports industry chain product and service innovation.

cube yuan is the big data companies of a sports field, founded in 2012, formerly known as the cheers of sports. At the beginning of the creation for starting point entrepreneurship camp million angel investment; February 2014 won millions of dollars pre-A round of investment Ping venture; February 2015 by the northern light venture capital of tens of millions of dollars A round of investment.

cube element founding team consists of three people, the founder and CEO Chen Hao is the first Chinese University of Liverpool football industry management MBA, served on the IBM, a former Shanghai Shenhua Football Club General Manager Assistant and representative Chinese district. Wu Xuening was previously chief scientist SAP Silicon Valley innovation center data scientist, and COO Wei wen.


business logic, mainly through the commercial development of cube element artificial intelligence algorithm research and data of sports products, sports big data commercial realization. At present, the main products of the cube yuan’s football is football game cube, mainly through big data analysis of decision making, based on more than 450 of all levels of football matches covered, collected and analyzed the game, players and event data, and through its CubeDeep algorithm, provides visual information and competition forecast user.

business model is mainly divided into two ends, one end of the C end users, through the information and data to provide services for lottery users, compared to information service of football, the football match will be the main data cube according to match the information into the game information, compared with the traditional access mode and browse data extraction available information service mode can be more efficient to help users to get valuable information.

, the other end is connected to the B side, Sina, Taobao, Baidu and other Tencent, are football partner data cube. In addition, football cube data services customers include copyright, sports events, sports broadcast platform occupation system, sports lottery management institutions, official information and lottery sales platform and fantasy football games.

data resources and applications are the main reason for the Chinese cultural investment. Chinese culture tells sina science and technology