days ago, mechanical industry press for readers from the good news, the domestic famous Zhanpai network marketing expert Mr. Jiang Likun’s latest masterpiece "actual mobile internet marketing" listed only 4 days, is among the largest selling books online bookstore’s list of the top 5. Mr. Jiang Likun for many years in the field of marketing and the Internet, a few years ago he published the first "network marketing" real book, has sold briskly, has accumulated sales of nearly 200 thousand copies, this is not generally visible.

this time, Mr. Jiang Likun will own a few years in the field of mobile internet marketing experience summarizes and combs, conform to the trend of the current Internet plus, and is able to solve the marketing problems of enterprises in the era of Internet plus books less and less, Mr. Jiang Li Kun attempts to provide solutions in in his new book. This book just listed less than 1 weeks, in a number of channels of Guangzhou Shenzhen Jiangsu out of stock, from the network channel received the reader feedback, high evaluation.


four days into the listing of similar books selling hot list of fifth


listed on the 4 day of the main city discontinued

according to the reporter, "network marketing" a real book book listed in January 1, 2012, after a lapse of 4 years, why authors have no new work available? Why the work did not continue on a book to positioning in the network marketing, but the location of the mobile Internet Marketing? The new works have brought us the surprise? With these questions, the reporter interviewed by WeChat Jiang Likun himself.

Jiang Likun said, in his eyes, the book is a major event, a good book may change a person; but a poor thing, may also ruin a person. So he hoped that every book will really help readers, don’t do. While the Internet industry is a rapidly changing industry, so these 4 years, he followed the trend trend continuously, learn new knowledge; at the same time the practice and summary, constantly improve ourselves, in order to be able to bring better works for everyone.

for the book’s original intention, Jiang said that over the past few years, the gradual rise and popularity of the mobile Internet, and even beyond the meaning of the Internet PC. But for many people and businesses, PC Internet has not figured out, but also ushered in the mobile Internet, very helpless and confused. Therefore, these second books naturally positioned to the mobile Internet marketing. Of course, the most important is Jiang Likun himself in recent years also in the mobile Internet do a lot of research and practice, combined with his 10 years of Internet experience, nature is a matter of course, after all, the essence of marketing is the same.

a new book jianglikun said the content structure of this book and the book is very different: "network marketing" real book content is systematic and comprehensive, systematic and comprehensive but this is mainly.