why do we have to do site navigation station? Of course web site navigation is to allow users to better use of, is the value of the navigation station where, if a navigation station do not user to collection, use, I think it’s no meaning, how can the daohangzhan do users to collect! Of course is the high visibility up the natural flow, has the practical value to user acceptance. I believe a lot of friends using the site navigation station has the same feeling, it can quickly provide a lot of information you need, so we have to choose it, the collection it.

in the operation of the 58 navigation station during the part of the site navigation station to collect some, want to through the navigation station to take the best way to promote the characteristics of 58 life navigation http://s.010.58.com/ can better service for the life of a friend to provide quick help, as our slogan "life in whatever you need, can be found here. The following is part of site navigation address I collected and related data. These are in accordance with the data show that each part of the web site to provide navigation reference. (these are not ranked in order)

I will simply say, these web site navigation why users can be accepted? Why can be long-term users of this collection! I have in my friends made a small user experience.

one day I accidentally saw a roommate’s home page default browser choice is 9991.com I was a bit puzzled and asked her, do you think this daohangzhan good? Why not choose HAO123? In the navigation station in HAO123 is fully deserve the boss, not only the flow of the brand is not lower than other station visibility, then she tell me, because there are 9991 Baidu, Google and other tools are very full, I found it is, while HAO123, but not from the Internet for work friends, they demand more or search engine site navigation address all.

Of course, if we

from the Internet users believe that the preferences should be HAO123, or a chianz Chinese site in ALEXA ranking list, the top.chinaz.com/ navigation station is very good and practical data analysis of the user needs work, they are sorted according to the ranking of site type and site, the webmaster friends at a glance see what the changes of the site, the detailed analysis of the process.

according to the above analysis of the navigation station view, why the navigation station will do this effect


first rich resources is the key to success of content aggregation navigation station, as the Baidu web site, Google navigation, QQ web site, search site, 58 life navigation etc. they are a big site in the way, in the website content in the large gathering a large number of users, of course, the navigation station can easily user acceptance. Traffic is also a natural big bar!

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