as everyone knows, Taobao guest website is now all station includes a superb collection of beautiful things, single page station, according to statistics, the domestic station beyond count, individual owners have about 3 million, estimated do station accounted for 30%, the reason is that the Tao station is simple and easy to operate, and not with regard to profit, the sales commission itself is CPS the way straight. I am also a member of the guest family, so how are we going to operate station, how to establish a long-term brand


, a website Amoy brand building from the subtle to

is now building a website is a very simple thing, from the Internet to download a source, or a little bit of their own work, used to modify, a large and complete web site on the framework of the. So this is from one side to create increased number of webmaster, buy a domain name, space, upload a set of code, you can call for the owners, and owners are divided into money and no money webmaster, where are you? I think most domestic is full of money dreams, but in the end do not make money, why


network is not money under the guise of may not find the method, or website without features, or they can not adhere to, there are factors in many aspects, so, not to earn money to think about it, not all day. Now have a website, does not mean that the site can make money, but the Internet has experienced over the past year leave should be mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, to adhere to the people, so that people should think about how to build the brand, the brand, the site itself is money, such as Taobao Ma, wherever he is a brand, but also a famous brand. Similarly, a website without the brand, the short term can only earn a little money, the money is not a real thing. Then the website brand is to proceed from the subtle, Taobao for the guest website, a good web design is a good start, not others, not identical is your brand, and then to the name of the web site is a brand, such as my current period before shopping, just to put the word "trend shopping do go up, and did not consider the concept of too many brands, the site is now developed for half a year, but also consider the brand words, so the next will consider a brand, and this site also embodies a lot of effort, do not make money is another matter. Taobao as a small site owners, consider how to establish a long-term brand effect is imperative.

two, Amoy website information and guide


look at the Taobao guest website, mostly a simple list of products, and not much useful information, some even the most basic description of the product are not, this only consider SEO, regardless of the user experience of the website, even if the user can pull the transaction behavior is not guaranteed to produce, not natural conversion. It is generally recommended that the top part of the list of products listed on the Taobao website, the following to write the product you want to promote the relevant information, such as the use of the product experience or product description, the conversion rate will be high, >